Manscaping: a growing trend and business opportunity

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Manscaping: a growing trend and business opportunity

In a country blessed with loads of sunshine and plenty of opportunity to spend time in the water and at the beach, it's no surprise that more and more men are opting for hair removali. From chest, back, arms and shoulders to the "manzillian", Australian men are discovering a sleeker look, which in turn means new and growing business opportunities for beauty salons.

More and more Australian men are opting for hair removal and hair reduction services.

Business analysts have noted that overall, the beauty industry has maintained growth during the economic downturn, and one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry is products and services aimed at menii. This booming new market for hair removal and hair reduction services targeted at males is a great chance for small businesses to reach out to new clients and help them achieve the look they're after.


For beauty providers, men embracing waxing can only be good news: maintaining the look requires regular appointments, at least every six weeksiii. While at-home waxing products are widely available, the areas that men want to maintain hair free, particularly the back and shoulders, require professional attention. However, men who are new to this grooming routine may need to be reminded that there can be some redness after waxing, and given time to let the redness subside before leaving the salon if the area is visible.


The back and shoulders are the most popular areas for men to have laser hair removal. Depending on how thick the hair is in these areas and the client's skin type, it may take between three and eight treatments to achieve the desired look. In general, it takes more treatments for the laser to permanently reduce hair in men, because their hair follicles are thicker and their skin is coarser, compared to women. Before treatments, men should be reminded not to wax or pluck and to avoid sun exposureiv.

Each state and territory has slightly different regulations regarding laser therapy, but laser hair removal can be provided by trained beauticians in a salon or in a specialty laser clinic setting. Anecdotally, some laser providers suggest that men might view these treatments as part of an overall health routine and prefer to visit medical clinics, as opposed to beauty salonsi.

Laser hair removal is becoming a more popular choice for men.


Businesses are seeing an increase in men requesting eyebrow shaping. Threading, an eyebrow shaping technique that is growing in popularity in Australia, is becoming a common choice for men. Threading uses a cotton thread to remove hairs, rather than wax or tweezers. The hair is entwined by the cotton thread and then plucked from the skin, so it’s not an entirely painless option, but it is considered slightly less painful than waxingiii.

Some beauty providers guess that for men who are new to hair removal, threading may feel more "masculine" than traditional methods like waxing or plucking. A lot of men want to maintain masculine-looking brows and don't want brows which look overtly groomed or which have defined edges . Beauticians should keep this in mind when catering to male clients, subtly shaping male brows and using slightly different techniques than they would for female clients.

The increased demand for services such as laser hair removal, waxing and threading is great news for beauty providers. In order for beauticians to get the biggest benefit out of this growing trend, it makes sense to review current service offerings and marketing materials. Consider including a section for male clients on your website (highlighting treatments and package deals of particular interest to men), and creating brochures and posters which stress your salon's dedication to servicing male clients.

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