Allianz is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all of our customers and employees. Allianz aims to be a leader in and an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Our Accessibility Action Plan provides a clear framework for Allianz to become a more inclusive and “disability confident” organisation over the next five years. It focuses on creating an environment where all our staff can be their best and thrive, and where all our customers can easily interact with us.

In Australia, Allianz has been a proud partner of Paralympics Australia since 2011 and the global insurance partner of the International Paralympic Committee since 2006. We work at every level of the Paralympic Movement, from global to local, to help increase awareness and the popularity of sports for people with an impairment.

Our goals and objectives

We are committed to improving our workplaces, products and services to make them more accessible to everyone.

To do this we are:

  • Providing dignified access to our buildings
  • Ensuring that we continue to make our marketing materials more accessible and inclusive
  • Increasing captioning for videos
  • Ensuring our events are easily accessible
  • Updating our websites and intranets so they are adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines over time
  • Adopting new Information and Communication Technology products and services
  • Collecting customer feedback to help us improve

For more details on our commitment, download the Allianz Accessibility Plan (2 MB, PDF)

Further support

Allianz knows that some of our website content is not currently compatible with assistive technologies. We are working to fix this. Until then, please contact us for support by visiting our Contact Us page.