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Small Business Risks Explained

Theft, fire or accidental damage, there are many possible risks that a small business faces on a daily basis.

Allianz cares about Australian small businesses and understands everyday risks they may face. To help make things manageable, we provide a range of insurance covers to help small business owners deal with the typical risks associated to their specific industries or trades.

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Understanding Small Business Insurance Risks.

Small Business Insurance cover from Allianz is specifically designed to deal with the typical risks that small business face.

This means that in the event of such a situation, Allianz will be there to minimise impacts on day-to-day business operations and help out financially.

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  • Public & Products Liability
  • Business operation can put people and property at risk of injury or damage. As a small business owner, accountability for such events can land you in hot water - that's where public and products liability can help.
  • Material Damage
  • Damage to property can be devastating. This insurance can help to replace the contents if your building and property is destroyed in unforeseen circumstances such as fire.
  • Business Interruption
  • This cover provides financial protection for the consequential loss of revenue resulting from interruption to business operation after unforeseen circumstances.
  • Theft
  • Theft of business contents and/or stock can negatively affect your customer service, the day-to-day running of your business and finances. Insurance can reduce the impacts of business-related theft.
  • Glass
  • A shattered glass shop front or office window is not only dangerous but leaves your space and contents exposed. This covers accidental breakage of fixed glass including replacement and/or temporary security to protect the premises.
  • Money
  • Covers for loss of money, which includes cheques, credit cards, vouchers, and cab charges.

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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance - Helps you out if you or your business is held accountable for third party injury or property damage.

Helps you out if you or your business is held accountable for third party injury or property damage.

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