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Frequent traveller insurance

All the benefits of comprehensive travel insurance in a 12-month multi-trip policy

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Frequent traveller insurance cover

If you travel a lot, chances are you’d prefer not to have to take out a new travel insurance policy every time. That’s where Allianz Frequent Traveller insurance comes in.

Frequent Traveller is a 12 month plan that offers all the benefits of our Comprehensive cover - cancellation, luggage, medical and repatriation cover, and much more — for multiple trips within Australia and overseas. It’s surprisingly affordable, and offers excellent value for people who travel a lot.

You pay one premium and then you’re covered for every trip you make in that year. Trips can be up to 37 days for leisure travel or 90 days for business travel. Cover is reinstated on the completion of each journey, so you’ll never be left unprotected.

Key Frequent traveller insurance benefits

This is just a summary of benefits, and you should read all our travel insurance documents for full information. Exclusions do apply as well as limits to the cover and these are set out in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Section Benefit Single
$5 million

NOTE: All benefits and premiums are in Australian dollars. All limits include GST.

# Not available for travel within Australia.

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Travel Advice

The Allianz Group's Travel Advisories page has some of the latest information on events that might affect you while you’re overseas.

It's a quick way to find out all you need to know about your destination, to help you plan for the unexpected and keep safe.

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Product Disclosure Statement

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