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Car insurance in Sydney, NSW

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NSW has more cars than any other state in Australia, with large numbers located in Sydney. Your car is an important investment and car insurance can provide financial cover in the event of theft or damage to your car.

If you live in Sydney, be sure to take out comprehensive car insurance from Allianz to secure your investment.

Cars in Sydney

New South Wales has the most cars of any Australian state or territory with just over 5.1 million registered vehicles in January 2014i. In June 2014, six of the ten local government areas in NSW with the highest number of car registrations were located in Sydney . Of these six, Blacktown had the most registered vehicles with 216,984 followed by Sutherland Shire with 176,851, and Penrith with 154,298ii. The Sydney CBD local government area had 100,208 registered vehicles in March 2014ii.

Over the last five years, the increase in new vehicle registrations in New South Wales has been below the national average of 2.5 per centi with the average annual growth rate of car registration in NSW at 2.3 per centi. Even though New South Wales has the highest population of any Australian state or territory, it has one of the lowest registration rates nationwide. In January 2014, New South Wales had only 683 registered vehicles per 1,000 people, compared with Tasmania's 861iii.

Car theft in Sydney

Although there were 6,301 fewer cars stolen in New South Wales in 2013 compared to 2009, you should still be cautious of Sydney's car theft hot spotsiv. In 2013, Blacktown had the most with 876 car thefts reported, followed by Bankstown with 715, and Liverpool with 650v. In the City of Sydney local government area in 2013, there were 561 thefts reported, a decrease of 22.6 per cent from 2012iv. These numbers are regularly updated and as such, the recorded number of car thefts may change slightly throughout the yeariv.

Across Australia, 45.3 per cent of cars were stolen from residential land and 31.7 per cent occurred on a street or footpathvi. To safeguard your car, always remember to lock it when you leave itvii. Park in a well-populated, well-lit area or secure car park and reduce the risk of theft by engaging your car's security measuresvi. Examples of security measures include car alarms or immobilisers, which are a smart precaution to prevent theft of your vehiclevi.

Accidents and damage

While the road toll is steadily decreasing in New South Wales, with the lowest recorded fatalities since 1970viii, there is still room for improvement. The NSW road toll has decreased to 340 deaths in 2013 from 510 in 2004, but it is still the highest road toll of any Australian state or territoryix. 162 drivers and 72 motorcyclists accounted for the majority of road deaths, followed by 49 passengers, 43 pedestrians and 14 cyclistsviii.

Road accidents, injuries and fatalities in New South Wales were mainly caused by speeding, drink driving and not wearing a seatbeltx. To help reduce your chances of becoming a statistic, take your time, don't drink and buckle up when driving.

Public transport

Cars are an important part of everyday life in Sydney, making up 68 per cent of all trips takenxi. From 2001-02 to 2011-12, car driver trips increased by 6 per cent, while the number of train and bus trips increased by approximately 23 and 16 per cent, respectively. In fact, the rate of public transportation use in NSW has grown at a faster rate than the population itselfix. The third most popular mode of travel behind being a driver or passenger in a car is walking, which has increased from 15.3 per cent over the decade from 2001-02 to 2011-12ix.

Cars are an important part of everyday life in Sydney, making up 68 per cent of all trips taken.

We understand how important your vehicle is - to get to work, to do the shopping, and to safely transport you and your family. Despite improvements in vehicles and roads, as well as the continuing reductions in fatal accidents and vehicle theft, owning a vehicle in Australia is not risk free. Comprehensive car insurance from Allianz can help minimise the financial burden you may face in the event of an accident, theft or third party property damage. Get a free comprehensive car insurance quote from Allianz online today.

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