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Queensland is home to 3.4 million registered carsi, with 18% more cars on Queensland roads now than there were five years ago. With research showing that car theft in Queensland is on the rise, it is now even more important to secure your vehicle against damage and theft.

Vehicle theft by Australian state for FY2010/11 (Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council)


Queensland ranks third in Australia (behind NSW and Victoria) for the most car thefts for FY2010/11, with 17% of all thefts taking place in the state. 72% of the 9,582 thefts in Queensland in FY2010/11 were short-term thefts. This means that these vehicles were stolen for the purposes such as travel, joyriding or as a getaway vehicle. The other 28% were stolen for profit - the thieves either sell the cars on or take them apart for parts to be resoldii.

When the number of thefts is compared to the actual number of cars on the road, Queensland has the lowest rate of theft of all Australian states with 2.68 thefts per 1,000 registered cars: comfortably below the national average (3.36 per 1,000 cars). However, this victory may be short-lived, as Queensland is one of only three states to be experiencing an increase in the number of thefts over the past year. In light of this increasing risk, Queenslanders should take all precautions for protecting their carsii.

Change in motor vehicle theft in ACT from 2006 to 2011 (Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council)

Is your car at risk of being stolen?

For short-term thefts, the most popular car for thieves is the Holden Commodore VN, followed closely by the Hyundai Excel X3 and the Holden Commodore VT. For profit-motivated thefts, Holden Commodores occupy all three top spots in the rankings for Queensland - the VT, the VN and VS.

Vehicle make Number registered in QLD at 31 January, 2011
Toyota 757,537
Holden 486,436
Ford 409,703
Mitsubishi 273,797
Nissan 239,245
Mazda 200,333
Hyundai 157,110
Honda 135,274
Subaru 80,261
Suzuki 77,826

Registered vehicles by make in QLD at 31 January 2011 (Source: Australian Bureau of Statisticsi)

Short term theft QLD Profit motivated theft QLD
Holden Commodore VN 173 Holden Commodore VT 38
Hyundai Excel X3 165 Holden Commodore VN 29
Holden Commodore VT 107 Holden Commodore VS 29

Motor vehicle theft in QLD FY2010/2011 (Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council)

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Worried that you car is at risk of theft? To protect you investment, take out car insurance.

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iAustralian Bureau of Statistics, 9309.0 - Motor Vehicle Census, Australia, 31 Jan 2011,

iiNational Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council

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