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How to make car insurance claims painless

Car insurance is one of those things that some people grumble about paying for, but should you be involved in an accident – something we’d wish for even less – car insurance is something you will definitely appreciate having. Fortunately, the large majority of car insurance claims are for minor accidents, such as small car park accidents, dents and broken windscreens. And only a minority of more serious accidents – in which someone may have been injured or killed – require the presence of police.

For any kind of claim, there are a number of points that you can follow to make the process quicker and easier. Following an incident, record as much information as you can. A lot of people collect just the name and registration details of other parties involved, but the more detail the better when it comes to lodging your car insurance claim.

Aside from the time, date and location, collect the full address, licence and registration details of other drivers involved. Also make note of whether the car is owned by someone else other than the driver and take down their details.

Other information that will help in the car insurance claims process include the colour, make, model and year of other cars involved and the extent of damage to them – it helps if you can take photos of the scene either with a digital or mobile phone camera. Take notes and photos of damage to other cars, as well as the condition of the road, weather or other external factors that may have played a part in the accident.

Depending on the nature of an accident, it can be beneficial to obtain the details of any third-party witnesses. Many people think: “Well, my sister was with me in the car so she should be a good enough witness.” However, what insurance companies look for if there is dispute over who was at fault in a collision is unbiased perspectives, so take down the names and contact details of independent witnesses if you can manage it.

If you can’t provide the details of the responsible party and vehicle that caused the accident, you will need to pay an excess. Furthermore, your no claim bonus or car insurance premium might be affected.

The other major point to note following an incident is not to admit fault or liability, and don’t attempt to settle any insurance claim made against you. A lot of people might think they are at fault immediately following an accident, but legally you may have been in the right. It’s not your job to work this out, so leave that decision to your insurance company.

If your vehicle is not driveable and you have car insurance comprehensive cover, arrange for it to be towed somewhere safe. If you are able to call your car insurer at the time, they may be able to assist in arranging a tow truck operator to attend the scene. Make sure you obtain the address details so that you can let your insurer know where your vehicle is located.

Allianz offers the ability for you to notify us of your claim online, over the telephone, or by completion of a paper car insurance claim form. If you are unsure of the process that best suits your needs, information on our car insurance claims service is available on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us on 13 10 13 where our friendly consultant will guide you through the car insurance claims process.

For full details of conditions and exclusions of all our car insurance cover options, please refer to the PDF Glyph SureCover Plus Comprehensive Car Insurance and PDF Glyph SureCover Gold Policy Documents (Product Disclosure Statements) and PDF Glyph Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS).

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