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Why choose Allianz for your Workers' Compensation insurance?

  • Our national network provides services in every eligible state
  • Our expertise will help you arrange cover and effectively manage your claims once they occur.
  • Our state-based teams have the local knowledge and expertise to take the complexity and hassle out of Workers' Compensation
  • Our proven track record of returning injured workers to work at the earliest opportunity reduces claims costs and your Workers' Compensation premium

Take out a policy Take out a Policy
Find out how to arrange workers' compensation insurance with Allianz
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Manage a policy Manage a Policy
Ensure you are up-to-date with employer obligations, how to renew a policy and end-of-year procedures
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Claims Make a Claim
Find out more about available claims management services
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News and Events News and Events
Keep up-to-date with Allianz workers' compensation events, training programs and initiatives
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Workplace Safety Workplace Safety
Maintaining a safe workplace is everyone's responsibility - our OHS services will assist you to meet your obligations
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Forms and Help Guides Forms and Help Guides
Our forms, checklists and help guides will assist you to manage your workers' compensation policies
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Disclaimer: Allianz takes care to provide accurate and appropriate information. We do recommend that you contact your insurance adviser if there are any questions on the best course of action for you or your organisation.

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