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First Report

First-Report is an innovative and flexible Allianz service designed to streamline the claim notification process. It allows an employer to notify Allianz of an incident or injury as soon as possible. By answering a series of simple questions an employer is able to fulfill their reporting obligations. The goal of rehabilitation and return to work can then commence.

First-Report offers a fast and effective way of reporting an injury or incident. To make a claim through First Report you can use one of the following methods:
Phone: 1300 360 595 (Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm)
Fax: 02 9390 6633
Internet: On-line lodgement of a claim notification

The First Report service is designed to facilitate the early notification of an incident or injury. A specially trained Allianz consultant will collect all the information required to lodge the claim. The claim will be assessed according to injury type and severity and then immediately passed on to the claims expert for case management and intervention.

Lodging a claim

You should notify Allianz of any injuries your employees have suffered. You should make the initial notification within 5 days of you becoming aware of the injury, otherwise a claim excess will apply.

The initial notification can be made by:

  • telephoning Allianz First Report on 1300 360 595;
  • faxing a completed claim form to 02 9390 6633;
  • emailing the relevant details to; or

All employers should complete the following if an injury occurs in the workplace:
  • Provide the name and address of your Workers’ Compensation insurer to an injured worker, if requested.
  • Send a Workers’ Compensation Form to the injured worker. Forward the completed form, a medical certificate and any further documentation to your insurer within seven (7) days of receiving them.
  • You must notify Allianz within forty-eight (48) hours of becoming aware of any workplace injury or incident.
  • Co-operate and participate in the establishment of an injury management plan for an injured worker.
  • Provide suitable employment for an injured worker as far as it is reasonably practicable to do so. The employment you must provide is both suitable employment and as far as reasonably practicable the same as or equivalent to, the employment in which the worker was at the time of injury.
  • Notify Allianz if unable to provide suitable employment.

For more information contact First Report on 1300 360 595 (Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm)

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