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And the gong for the riskiest film goes to…

Sydney, 8 March 2010

Oscars® - riskiest films insured by Allianz includes “Nine”, starring Australia’s Nicole Kidman

As the world’s leading film insurer, Allianz has insured many of 2009’s top Hollywood movies though its US subsidiary Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, including covering Australia’s own Nicole Kidman in the Oscar®-nominated film ‘Nine’.

According to Nicholas Scofield, Allianz Australia’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, “while there is always much speculation about which film and actors will win one of Hollywood’s coveted Oscar® statues, at Allianz, the films that were the riskiest to insure are the ones that get the gongs.”

Allianz’s Fireman’s Fund insured around 45 Hollywood blockbusters in 2009, but the awards for the most riskiest films go to “Nine”, “2012” “Crazy Heart” and “Inglorious Basterds”.

  • The musical movie “Nine”, starring Nicole Kidman, was filmed in the UK and Italy with an all-star cast and is nominated for the Oscar® for Art Direction, Costume Design and Actress in a Supporting Role (for Penelope Cruz). Musicals have potential risks because the actors must rehearse and perform physical dance numbers. In the past, there have been numerous insurance claims as a result of dancing, so the cast must be underwritten with dance injuries in mind. The movie also featured high wire sequences. In the event that a cast member is injured this can result in filming delays, rescheduling or the production potentially shutting down until the actor recovers or is replaced.
  • “2012” was a big budget film that focused on the end of the Mayan calendar as the world faces natural disasters such as volcanoes, typhoons, earthquakes and glaciers. This action packed film included many stunts, explosions, aircraft scenes, underwater filming and earthquake sequences that were loss controlled by the production company and Allianz’s Fireman’s Fund.
  • “Crazy Heart” included Oscar®-nominated performances for Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The film about a faded country musician that is forced to reassess his dysfunctional life included risky elements such as a hot air balloon crash, car weaving and rollover, and a boat sequence on a lake. These types of scenes are risky and require precision, expert driving and experienced stunt people in order to be carried out safely and successfully.
  • Nominated for Best Picture, “Inglorious Basterds” was filmed in Germany and the UK. It’s a period piece based in World War II that includes many stunts, fight scenes and pyrotechnics. International locations pose a wide variety of challenges for filmmakers, including the set, transportation of film, equipment and costumes, and the potential of dealing with illness in a foreign country.

“A fire that burns down the entire movie set or the severe illness of a main actor can have disastrous consequences for a film and all parties involved. Insurability of a film project is therefore critical to realising a production. This means that the film’s potential risks have to be evaluated beforehand and actively managed all the way through its production,” Mr Scofield said.

Fireman’s Fund, the Allianz SE Group’s US property and casualty insurance business, has been one of the world’s leading film insurers for 85 years and even maintains an office in Universal City/Hollywood where some 50 film insurance experts are employed. This allows for a close cooperation between Fireman’s Fund’s risk managers, underwriters, claim adjusters and the customers – producers, investors and studios alike.

Concluding, Mr Scofield said “while people enjoy watching these movies, most aren’t aware of the risk challenges involved when filming complex sequences that include air and watercraft stunts, strenuous dance sequences, air balloon explosions, and simulated natural disasters. These types of scenes contribute appreciably to a film’s overall risk and Allianz’s Fireman’s Fund helps by creating tailored solutions to cover whatever exposure the imagination of Hollywood directors can conceive.”

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