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Car Insurance options explained

With optional extras to choose from, you can tailor your
insurance policy to get the cover you want.

At Allianz, we know that not everyone needs or wants the same level of car insurance. Our extra options are available so that you can pick and choose what's best for you.

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Understanding Car Insurance Options

Get extra benefits or keep it simple with Allianz Car Insurance options. You can improve your cover with additional options, or reduce your premium using the Restricted Drivers and Adjust Your Excess options.

Options to improve your cover

  • Rental Car
  • Having your car "out of action" after an accident can be more than just inconvenient; it can be a major disruption to daily life. The Rental Car option can make sure that it's "life as usual" for you and your family.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection
  • No Claim Bonus Protection can safeguard the benefits of your good driving record and allows you to have one at fault accident a year and still maintain your maximum No Claim Bonus rating.

Options to reduce your premium

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