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Recent research has revealed that car thefts are still prevalent in New South Wales (NSW), with the state making up 35% of the nation's car thefts from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011 (FY2010/11)i. If you own one of the 4.8 million registered cars on NSW's roadsii, your car may be at risk of theft. If you own a car, you should take note of the top cars stolen in NSW as well as cars stolen across Australia.

Vehicle theft by Australian state for FY2010/11 (Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council)


35% of all car thefts in Australia in FY2010/11 are commited in NSW. To put this figure into perspective, there are a similar proportion of cars in Australia on NSW and Victorian roads (29% and 26%, respectively) yet Victoria has a lower rate of theft (21%). For the same period, the rate of theft in NSW (4.12 per 1,000 registered vehicles) is significantly higher than the average for Australia (3.36 per 1,000), and ranks third in the theft rates by state, after the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territoryi.

Change in motor vehicle theft in ACT from 2006 to 2011 (Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council)

The situation is not entirely bleak: thefts in NSW have been on the decline since 2006. Despite this good news, you should not become complacent when it comes to securing your car against theft. This year, most cars stolen have been short-term thefts (64%) where the vehicle is stolen for uses such as joyriding, a getaway vehicle or just for traveling. The other 36% of cars stolen are used for parts or to sell on: the thief is motivated by profit.

Is your car at risk of being stolen?

Holden and Toyota are the most stolen car brands in NSW. In FY2010-11, the top pick for short-term theft was the Hyundai Excel X3 - 384 were stolen. The Holden Commodore VT and the Commodore VN followed in second and third as the preferred steals. For profit-motivated theft, the VT model also makes the top three, behind the Toyota Hiace MY90_04 and the Toyota Camry SV21i.

Vehicle make Number registered in NSW at 31 January, 2011
Toyota 1,076,742
Holden 715,017
Ford 544,578
Mitsubishi 324,363
Mazda 278,787
Nissan 262,556
Honda 237,256
Hyundai 194,537
Subaru 180,041
Volkswagen 90,019

Registered vehicles by make in NSW at 31 January 2011 (Source: Australian Bureau of Statisticsi)

Short term theft NSW Profit motivated theft NSW
Hyundai Excel X3 384 Toyota Hiace MY90_04 133
Holden Commodore VT 242 Toyota Camry SV21 119
Holden Commodore VN 235 Holden Commodore VT 110

Motor vehicle theft in NSW FY2010/2011 (Source: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council)

Car Insurance

Whether you live in Sydney, major cities such as Newcastle and Wollongong, on the coast, or in rural and regional NSW, car insurance provides you with a way of securing one of your most significant investments, your car.

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iNational Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council

iiAustralian Bureau of Statistics, 9309.0 - Motor Vehicle Census, Australia, 31 Jan 2011,

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