Allianz and the Community

There is far more to Allianz Australia than just insurance. Allianz participates in both community and sponsorship projects in Australia as well as overseas.

The Allianz Group’s contribution abroad is summarised in its yearly publication of the Group’s Corporate Responsibility magazine. Around the world, the Group operates in over 70 countries and is active in spheres such as - education, science, environment, health, social issues and the arts. The Allianz stock is included in the following sustainability indexes:

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index & STOXX Index
  • FTSE4Good Global 100 & European 50

Community Activities

In Australia, Allianz contributes to a variety of activities, including the Cancer Council, RSPCA and Starlight Children's Foundation. In addition, our regional offices also support local community efforts.

Allianz and the Environment

Allianz Australia has environmental policies which target energy and paper saving initiatives.

Apart from paper recycling and double-sided copying, Allianz has invested substantially in document imaging technology, paperless faxing and web-based training tools to reduce paper consumption. 

Historically, paper usage increased annually, but the introduction of multifunction devices has stopped this trend and there has been zero growth in 2003. We have also achieved a 75 percent reduction in the use of inkjet and toner cartridges, which contribute to landfill issues.

Allianz and Formula One™

Allianz has been engaged in Formula One™ since 2000 and is successfully linking Formula One™-related topics with core lines of Allianz business. Within this partnership, Allianz utilizes Formula One™ to highlight the importance of risk management and road safety.

The close working partnership between the Allianz Centre for Technology (AZT) and Formula 1 provides opportunities to research improvements in driver and motor vehicle safety. Many innovations included in the Formula One™ safety package have found their way, in an adapted form, into passenger cars. Improvements to seat belts, airbags, seats and even head rests have been designed and produced to provide improved levels of safety possible.