What's on around the world in May

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What's on around the world in May

At the Cheung Chau Bun Festival, you can see the famous Bun Scrambling Competition.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Hong Kong

This year, during the fourth moon of the lunar calendar, falling on the 3rd to7th Mayi, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival will be held in Cheung Chau, an island close to Hong Kong. Not your everyday event, the festival features the unusual Bun Scrambling Competition where competitors attempt to climb to the top of 14m towers made of at least 9,000 imitation buns in order to get the luckiest buns from the summit. Watching from the sidelines might be your best bet for this three minute spectacle opposite Pak Tai Temple, but there are plenty of other events to get involved in, such as Taoist ceremonies, lion dances, exciting parades and many other festivities that are tied to the history of this islandii.

The main event of the Thrissur Pooram Elephant Festival is the procession of thirty plus elephants.

Thrissur Pooram Elephant Festival, India

The colourful and extravagant Thrissur Pooram Elephant Festival in Kerala, with a 200 year history, is a non-stop crowd pleaser. With explosions of colour and vibrant fireworks (a fabulous 3am wakeup call), the festival promises an energetic flurry of excitement and noise. The main event is the procession of over thirty elephants, all of which are marked with spectacular ornamentation, jewellery and paintings. This festival is sure to keep you wide awake and on your feet with its round-the-clock festivities that can't afford to be missediii.

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Festival, U.K.

Held annually on the last Monday in May, this year on the 26th, the Cheese-Rolling Festival is exactly what it sounds like. Each year, for 200 years now , people have gathered at the top of Cooper's Hill to hurtle themselves down after a 7 pound Gloucester cheese wheel - the first one to get to the bottom and retrieve the cheese is the winner and gets to take it home. There are multiple races during the day including an up-hill race as wellv. Enjoying the spectacle as part of the 5,000 person strong crowd on the sidelinesvi might be a better option than competing yourself - the cheese races can get a bit rough!

During the Rose Festival of El-Kela‚ M’Gouna, the town comes alive to celebrate the beauty of the blossoming Persian roses that support the town's economy and culture.

Rose Festival, Morocco

For a more relaxed and aromatic experience, the town of El-Kela‚ M’Gouna lying in the High Atlas mountains promises a rose-coloured stay for the weary traveller. Amongst the Valley of Roses, the town comes alive during harvest time to celebrate the beauty of the blossoming Persian roses that support the town's economy and culture. The mid-May Rose Festivalcelebrations include dancing, eating and processions awash with pinks and redsvii. Make sure you do a spot of shopping at the markets and rosewater factories to find some sweet-smelling souvenirs!

Kentucky Derby, USA

For all the lucky punters out there, the 'greatest two minutes in sport' will be on the 3rd of May this year in Louisville, Kentucky. The famed horse race, the Kentucky Derby, is now in its 140th year, and will be a thrilling day full of equine action and anticipation! Mint juleps will never seem fresher and 'My Old Kentucky Home' never louder than alongside the racetrack on the day.

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