What's on around the World in March 2015

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What's on around the World in March 2015

Las Fallas (The Fires), Valencia, Spain

Celebrate the arrival of spring in a carnival-like atmosphere along the Mediterranean coast in Valencia, Spain. Las Fallas, also known as Fallas Fiestas, is four days of fireworks, bonfires and feasts celebrating Valencia's patron saints. Although smaller events begin in early March, the main week of festivities begins on 15 March and culminates on 19 March with La Nit del Foc (The Night of Fire).

In Valencia, the streets are lit up in preparation for the Night of Fire.

Noche de Brujas (Night of the Witches), Catemaco, Mexico

Old world tradition and modern tourism join forces for the Mexican festival - Noche de Brujas - in the town of Catemaco this March. Witchcraft and mysticism are a central part of Mexican culture, drawing on indigenous, Spanish and West African influences dating back hundreds of years. However, the festival began more recently in the 1970si and each year on the first Friday of March (6 March 2015), shamans, healers, witches and witch doctors gather together to wash away any negative energy from the previous year. Visitors can take part in tarot readings and healing ceremonies, browse market stalls selling amulets and other trinkets, and enjoy the lively entertainment and local food at the festival.

Rugby Sevens, Hong Kong

In 1976, the first Rugby Sevens match was played in Hong Kong with just 12 teams and a single-day tournamentii. Fast forward to 2015 and the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union is celebrating 40 years of Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong. This year, 28 teams and 120,000 spectators will gather from 27 to 29 March for the three day event at Hong Kong Stadium. Aside from the sporting events on the field, an elaborate entertainment line-up including performances by The Village People and local artists, as well as traditional Chinese Giant Dragons parades, will be on offer.

Visitors can walk between Jindo and Modo on the 'miracle' path and enjoy parades, Korean folk music and cultural performances. Image uploaded to wikimedia, by user Piotrus, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jindo_Miracle_Sea_Road_Festival_051.JPG.

Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival, Jindo, South Korea

This year between the 20 and 23 of March, Jindo, a South Korean island located in the East China Sea, will celebrate the annual parting of the sea that surrounds the islandiii. This wondrous natural phenomenon leaves exposed a 2.8km long and 40m wide path between the main island, Jindo, and nearby island, Modo, and is a result of extremely low tidesiv. During this time, visitors can walk between each island on this 'miracle' path and enjoy parades, Korean folk music and cultural performances in Jindo.

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Alpine Skiing World Championships, Panorama, Canada

The IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships is being held at Panorama Mountain Resort, British Columbia. Panorama, just 2 hours from Banff in the Canadian Rockies, will host 10 days of downhill action from 1 to 10 March. Athletes will compete across five events in the Paralympic program: Downhill, Super-G, Super Combined, Giant Slalom and Slalom.

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