What's on around the world in August

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What's on around the world in August

Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Scotland

Edinburgh plays host to the Edinburgh International Festival, the largest arts festival in the world held over three event-packed weeks. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons, uploaded by User:Kim Traynor.

8th to 31st August and 1st to 23rd August

Edinburgh turns into an artistic extravaganza for most of the month, showcasing the best of classic music, opera, theatre and dance. If you are intending to see the official events of the Edinburgh International Festival, make sure you are organised and book tickets well in advance. Other festivals are also held at the same time to satisfy bookworms and film buffs, with free entertainment from buskers who battle for the crowd's attention on the Royal Mile. A spectacular fireworks finale caps off the memorable frenzy that continues to entrance visitors from around the world.

Celebrating music and entertainment, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an annual event like no other. The Tattoo brings together performers and audience members from over 46 countries. The theme of the 2014 Tattoo is Home, Friends and Family and will welcome hundreds of participants from the Commonwealth to make this year's event truly amazing. Buy your tickets early to join in on all of the music, performances, and fun set against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.

US Open, USA

25th August to 8th September

The fourth and final of 2014's tennis majors comes to Queens, New York beginning in late August. The US Open has come a long way since it was first played in 1881: the two week sporting and entertainment event now attracts over 700,000 fans every yeari. This year's match is set to be unpredictable with each of this year's Grand Slam events delivering six different singles championsii.

La Tomatina in Spain is the world's largest tomato fight with over 130 tons of tomatoes thrown. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons, uploaded by User:Graham McLellan.

La Tomatina, Spain

27th August

The small town of Bunol in Spain comes alive in August with the world's largest tomato fight, La Tomatina. Over 130 tonnes of tomatoes are hauled into the main Plaza del Pueblo. Those who are taking part in the fruit-filled free-for-all are encouraged to wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves. As an added safety precaution, tomatoes must be squished before being throwniii. After the streets of Bunol are covered from top to bottom with tomatoes, fire trucks arrive to hose down the area and the revellers recover from the tomato based carnageiv. This festival is not for the faint-hearted, so be careful if you do choose to attend. La Tomatina is limited to 20,000 participants - be sure to purchase your tickets beforehandv.

Esala Perahera, Sri Lanka

1st to 11th August

The Kandy Esala Perahera is a religious Sri Lankan festival originating from a legend that tells the story of Buddha's cremation; one of his followers supposedly took a tooth out of his mouth and smuggled it to Sri Lanka. Winding its way through the narrow streets of Kandy, a parade of elephants draped in ornately decorated cloaks is the centrepiece of the festivalvi. At the head of the parade is an elephant known as the Maligawa Tusker, which carries a replica of the cask of Buddha's toothvii. The ten day festival also includes an array of traditional fire, whip and Kandian dances and performances, impressive to both religious and tourist audiencesvii.

Il Palio, Italy

16 August

In celebration of the apparition of the Virgin Mary in the mid-1600s, residents of the Tuscan city Siena compete for the ultimate glory in this bareback horse race, known simply as Il Palio. The competitors each come from one of the city's seventeen 'contrade', or regions and fan loyalty is intenseviii. Lasting mere minutes around the Piazza Il Campo, the jockeys ride at breakneck speeds and can often be thrown from their horseix. The first horse to cross the finish line wins, with or without its rider, and it's impossible not to be swept up in the emotion of the raceix.

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