Top 5 Overseas Destinations for Winter Weddings

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Top 5 Overseas Destinations for Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

You might be the couple that specifically chooses to get married in winter. Or, you might have chosen the date then decided tie the knot overseas, only to realise that it would be winter abroad. Whatever your circumstances, we have a list of our top 5 overseas winter weddings to inspire your choice of where to say "I do".

Desert weddings, Amara Resort & Spa, Arizona, USA

Winter Weddings

For the New Age couple, Amara Resort & Spa offers a zen-like environment, seemingly in the middle of nowhere but with all the comforts and conveniences you could want. Let's start with why you'd have your winter wedding there. Well, for starters, the average maximum temperature in winter is around 20 degrees Celsius, with lows reaching between 7-9 degrees. So it's not actually that chilly, and in fact, the weather will usually be clear and fine, which would be just perfect for your big day!

Amara offers a unique Meditation Massage that invites you to 'reconnect spiritually with Sedona's vortexes'. You and your beloved can indulge in a full body oil massage combined with breathing guidance by an expert therapist, the sounds and vibrations of heart chakra tuning forks plus Sedona sun-charged rose quartz (the love stone) crystals which will facilitate a concentrated state of relaxation. If that's not enough, you can also avail yourselves of sage smudging, chakra balancers, healing crystals and detoxifying Sedona mud. With all this on offer, you are guaranteed to be one chilled couple!

Ice weddings, Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Winter Weddings

From December to April annually, the Ice Church at Sweden's Ice Hotel opens its doors to marry couples who come from all over the world. Hand carved by specially selected designers, it is reincarnated every year in a different style, and then in April, it melts back into the river. Inside, your guests will be seated on pews carved from blocks of ice and covered in animal furs for comfort and warmth. The ethereal interior is pure white because it is indeed made completely of ice.

Imagine spending your wedding night in a polar expedition sleeping bag for two in the Ice Hotel! Your 'bed' is laid out on top of a thick, cosy layer of reindeer skins and you will be blissfully warm and comfortable. Your guests too will be just as delighted, with the choice of snow rooms through to luxury suites, or even warm rooms, and they will have access to the sauna and a delicious breakfast. The hotel is made of what amounts to 700 million snowballs and has room for 300 to sleep. The chandeliers in the Main Hall are fashioned from a thousand hand cut ice crystals. Speak with Ice Hotel's wedding consultant for all the sparkly details.

Cave weddings, Wookey Hole, England

Winter Weddings

Said to hold the most beautiful rock formations of any cave in England, the Wookey Hole Caves make a gorgeous setting for a winter wedding. How many couples can say they got married in a limestone cave? Their in-house wedding coordinator can assist from start to finish, even if you need to make your plans without being in the country. The reason it makes our list of top 5 overseas winter wedding destinations is that the temperature in the caves remains a constant 11 degrees Celsius so even if it's blowing a gale and snowing outside, you can be quite sure of your comfort in the cave. Choose from three separate chambers and be surrounded by crystal clear pools of pure water and lit by the soft flicker of candles.

Say your vows in the cave, where the acoustics are wonderful, and have beautiful photos taken in these relics that date back to Paleolithic times. Your reception can be in the adjoining circus-themed restaurant, decorated with mirrors, chandeliers and drapes.

Crystal weddings, Kristallwelten Swarovski, Austria

Winter Weddings

There is no other location like it in the world and for an overseas winter wedding that sparkles non-stop, it has to be Kristallwelten Swarovski (Swarovski Crystal World) in Austria. You can book your ceremony from 7pm onwards and the glorious premises can seat from 5 to 150 people to celebrate with you. They offer catering in the stunning in house restaurant so you can choose from an outstanding array of menu options to cap off the evening.

If your wedding is infused with a winter theme, nothing could be more beautiful than being surrounded by Swarovski crystals of all sizes, to match the snow crystals falling outdoors. Your guests will adore the various attractions and will never forget the day you got married.

Snow weddings, Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

When they say 'white wedding', they really mean it! Your wedding gown could literally become camouflage if you have your photos taken on a snowy mountaintop so be sure to wear just the right shade of lipstick. But seriously, brides and grooms have even donned skis and skied right into their reception at Whistler Blackcomb. You can choose from an array of different venues such as Steeps Grill & Wine Bar which supports local farm to table produce, GLC lounge bar, poised above the Whistler Gondola building with views of the Bike Park's infamous GLC cliff drops or Christine's on Blackcomb which boasts 'mountaintop dining in style'.

There are plenty of accommodation options within Whistler so whatever your budget, you'll find somewhere perfect to sleep, rest and recharge. For even more relaxation, visit one of the spas, take a yoga class or spend some time in the sauna.

Winter wedding wonderlands await your arrival

Regardless of how cold the weather is, the warmth of love and romance from your wedding will radiate throughout the celebrations. Having read our list of top 5 overseas winter wedding destinations, you may just consider deliberately booking your date to allow you to go somewhere chilly so you can cosy up together!

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