The sweetest chocolate festivals around the world

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The sweetest chocolate festivals around the world

In all its shapes and forms, chocolate is one of the world's greatest indulgent pleasures. Stock up on your favourite types, try a few new ones and fall in love with chocolate all over again at these five heavenly festivals.

Stock up on your favourites, try a few new ones and fall in love all over again at an international chocolate festival.

Eurochocolate, Italy

The largest chocolate festival in Europe, this glorious ten day event is held every year in late October in the scenic hilltop town of Perugia in central Italy. This popular festival has been growing in size over the last two decades, with over a million chocolate-lovers expected to attend this year's event. Chocolate-themed inflatable decorations and chocolate sculptures adorn the town's piazzas and streets, alongside countless market stalls, where you can find chocolate liqueur, chocolate kebabs and a range of chocolate-themed freebies, to name just a few of the wondrous goodies available. Set among the beautiful backdrop of the Umbrian countryside, the aroma and excitement of the chocolate festival will fill you with sweet memories and chocolate delights... or at least enough to last you until the next craving.

The Chocolate Festival, UK

Three days of sugary satisfaction, the Chocolate Festival in London will undoubtedly hit your sweet spot. In mid-December, this festival will help you shake off the winter blues with a mug of cocoa (or two) and enough taste-testings to last you a lifetime. There's also the Cocktail Lounge, where you can try delicious chocolate cocktails, the Cocoa Spa for ultimate cocoa relaxation, or the Christmas Zone, where you can gaze upon a Christmas tree, decorated entirely with chocolate.

Chocolate Fest, Canada

Described as Canada's very own 'Chocolate Town', St Stephen in New Brunswick has hosted its annual chocolate festival for thirty years now. For one week in early August, this family-oriented chocolate extravaganza features chocolate-themed dining, chocolate making classes, treasure hunts, the chocolate pudding eating contest, and even the opportunity to see the two moose mascots - Chocolate Mousse and Tiffany - renew their 20th anniversary wedding vowsi.

The Salon du Chocolat is now in its twentieth year and is held in 14 countries. Photo credit: Flickr, uploaded by user: Everjean.

Salon du Chocolat, France

The Salon du Chocolat is a cultural institution for chocoholics worldwide. Beginning in Paris, this cocoa celebration, is now held in fourteen countries around the globe. This year, the Parisian Salon du Chocolat will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in late October, and will be host to more than five hundred exhibitors showcasing extravagant displays of chocolate art, including the mouth-watering chocolate fashion show - a unique exhibition of chocolate-inspired fashion. At the show, there will also be a retrospective exhibition featuring one hundred and fifty of the most beautiful chocolate dresses ever created. In addition, there will be cultural events such as dance, songs, pastry and chocolate workshops for kids anddone adults, and countless tasting opportunities.

Festival del Chocolate, Mexico

Last but not least, the birthplace of chocolate - the sweet land of Mexico - is hosting its very own chocolate festival this year in late Novemberii. Paying homage to the cacao bean, the fourth annual Festival del Chocolate will be celebrated in Tabasco. Local exhibitors take pride in offering up traditional chocolate desserts and demonstrating how cocoa beans were used in the Olmeca civilisation and have contributed to the country's cultural history. Not only will this festival immerse you in the history of the cocoa bean, there will also be tasting sessions and guided tours of cocoa plantations in the surrounding areas.

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