Having your pet looked after when you're away

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Having your pet looked after when you're away

Along with preparing itineraries, luggage, bookings and more, finding care for your pet when you're away can be an important part of your travel preparation. Preparation for your holiday should take into account care for your pet including food, shelter, exercise and supervision.

Write a schedule including your pet's exercise routine for the pet-minder.

Leaving your pet at home

If you're going to leave your pet at home, don't leave them alone. Leave them under the supervision of a trusted friend, family member, neighbour or professional pet-minder. The more familiar your pet is with them, the more likely your pet will be at ease and behave when you're awayi. This isn't the only plus, having someone look after your pet at home can also mean they can keep an eye on your home or help with any of the home chores such as turning on the sprinkler or collecting mail.

If you're choosing to employ someone to look after your pet at home, give them a schedule of your pet's routine. Things to include could bei:

Leaving your pet at someone else's home

If you're unable to find someone to stay at home with your pet or uncomfortable leaving someone in charge of your home, leaving your pet at a trusted friend, relative or neighbour's home is another option. Before committing to this option, discuss with the pet-minder if they can accommodate your pet properly. Some questions to consider include:

Before you go away, be sure to introduce your pet to their temporary pet-minder and home so that they are not entirely unfamiliar with their new surroundingsi.

Leaving your pet with a professional pet-minding service

You can also consider a kennel, veterinary clinic or pet day-care facility. These services offer their expertise when it comes to caring for pets. The Pet Directory offers a comprehensive list of Australian pet-minding facilities, sorted by the type of animal you want looked after. However, before you choose a facility, do your research and go with your gut feeling towards the place; after all, a good experience for your pet is a good experience for you. Be sure to visit the facility before you go away to check the condition and suitability of the place, including whether there's enough space and staff to cater to your pet's needs. Some things to consider includei:

If you're going to be away for a long time, don't leave your pet unsupervised.

Leaving your pet for more than a day can be difficult, but it can be made a lot easier with these pet-minding options. Whether you're leaving them at someone else's home or at a pet-minding facility, be sure to leave a few familiar items with your pet, for example, their pet food, toys or litter, so that they can feel a bit more secure and comfortable in their temporary environment. Even include some of your belongings, like a t-shirt or towel, so that your pet can smell your scent on them, which will help ease them into their short-stay homeii. If you are planning to take your pet with you, remember to check the restrictions and guidelines of travelling with your pet in Australia.

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