5 hot travel destinations for 2015

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5 hot travel destinations for 2015

Turkey will be a highlight for Australian travellers in 2015 with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landingsi. Norway is also seeing a surge in tourism thanks to Disney's hit film Frozenii. Another popular place to visit is Portugal, which has been described as one of the most affordable destinations to visit in the recent Lonely Planet release, 'Best in Travel 2015'iii.

Tram 28 is one of the easiest ways to see the city of Lisbon.


Portugal provides a broad array of experiences including beachside relaxation, ancient walled towns, the excitement of the capital city, Lisbon, and the delight of regional cuisine. The country's relatively weak economy also means that the cost of visiting is more affordable than beforeiv.

For an easy way to see the many historic sites of Lisbon, hop on Tram 28 or 'electrico 28' in Portuguesev. Tram 28 is a vintage tram car that winds its way through the streets of Lisbon, taking passengers past the 6th century St George's Castle and Chidao, the city's arts district. If you want to get away from city life, the Algarve region is great for families looking for a European seaside getawayvi.


The strong Australian dollar against the Japanese yenvii makes 2015 a perfect time to head to Japan. There are generally good deals on flights to the country, with travel once you get there made easy using the extensive train network that includes the world famous Shinkansen, or Bullet Train. If you're thinking of booking your first cruise or looking for a new destination, the islands of Japan offer an alternative to the cruise routes in the South Pacific, Caribbean and Mediterraneanviii.


Turkey is tipped to be a popular destination for Australians in 2015 with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings on the 25th of April. Thousands are expected to travel to Turkey to pay their respects to the ANZAC soldiers who fought in World War Iix. Turkey offers many great travel experiences: visit the historic cities of Cappadocia and Ephesus or throw yourself into the chaos of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul for an authentic Turkish shopping experience.


A great exchange rate for Australian travellers along with tropical islands and white sand beaches means the Philippines can compete with the popular holiday spots of Bali and Thailandviii,x. Borocay, one of the Philippines' 7,000 islands, is one of the best beach getaways you will find. The Executive General Manager of Flight Centre Australia, Tom Walley, told News.com.au that Borocay offers a 'Bora Bora vibe without the price tag'xi. Making the destination even more affordable, budget airline Cebu Pacific Air commenced direct flights from Sydney to the Philippines in 2014xii.

The unforgettable spectacle of the Northern Lights can be seen in Norway.


Disney's hit film Frozen has sparked huge interest in the Scandinavian country with tourists coming to see the natural beauty that provided inspiration for the movieviii. The Northern Lights and the midnight sun are two natural phenomena attracting visitorsviii. Watch the aurora borealis unfold, surrounded by the stunning glacier and fjord landscapes of one of Europe's most majestic wildernessesxiii. In 2015, on the 20th of March, light will vanish for a couple of minutes in Northern Europe during the total solar eclipse. This will be the only total solar eclipse in Europe for the next eleven yearsxiv and Northern Norway is a great spot to experience it.

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