Travel Insurance for Cancellations

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Travel Insurance for Cancellations

What is cancellation cover?

Cancellation cover is an option available within your  travel insurance policy and covers you if you are forced to cancel your prepaid non-refundable trip for a covered reason.

You may have to cancel your flight, accommodation, transfers or pre-booked entertainment, and if the reason you are cancelling is covered in your policy, you will be able to submit a claim.

Travel Insurance Cancellation Policies Australia

What is a covered reason?

A covered reason is one that can be stated in your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) as valid for cancelling your trip. Some of the more common covered reasons include:

Cover may vary from company to company so it’s best to check the PDS for any exclusions that may be relevant to you before you book.

Cancellation due to injury or illness.

If, for example, you have a heart attack when you previously had no cardiac condition or issues, or you are injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and you have to cut your trip short to return home for medical care, you may be able to claim the cost of flights, accommodation, tour bookings, car hire or any other travel expenses for which you have paid and which are you are unable to have refunded in another way.

If you have paid for any of your trip using frequent flier points, air miles, vouchers, or similar payment options, you may be eligible to claim these back as well.

If a member of your family becomes unexpectedly ill or injures themselves and you have to return home, your cancellation insurance cover may also help with your losses on the rest of your trip.

Cancellation due to bad weather

If you are unable to proceed with your trip due to weather events or natural disasters such as blizzards, cyclones or volcanic eruptions, or an excursion for which you have booked and paid is cancelled due to bad weather (e.g. you are unable to use your pre-paid lift passes or skiing lessons) your cancellation cover may help you to be reimbursed for these expenses.

It is common for flights to be delayed due to bad weather. Sometimes you’ll be able to make your connection if this happens, but sometimes it isn’t possible, meaning you’ll have to rebook your flights and possibly find accommodation while you’re waiting.

Unexpected disasters

Some other examples where cancellation cover may help you to be reimbursed may be:

What if I might have another reason for cancelling my travel?

It’s best to check the PDS before you take out your travel insurance to ensure you understand what is covered.