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Asia is the world’s largest continent and has historically been the home of most of the world’s population. The countries in Asia are diverse, from the ultra-modern technology capitals like Japan to the world’s highest point of Mount Everest in Nepal.

Asia offers a multitude of experiences to keep you occupied for a lifetime. There’s scuba-diving in the beautiful waters off countless islands throughout Indonesia, off the coast of Thailand and the Philippines to view the abundant marine life. Or you can hike through the mountains or emerald-striped rice fields. There’s also the cherry blossom season throughout Japan from January to May each year. Locals and tourists alike follow a trail of flowers and festivals marking the beginning of spring across the country.

Then there are places like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Bali which cater for the party crowed with all night fun and thumping music. Taiwan is famous for its tea culture, tea arts and traditional tea ceremonies, which can be traced back to Chinese tea culture over 400 years ago.

For shopping, Asia has everything from high end chic malls to frenzied markets to satisfy the shopping bug. Singapore for local crafts, Hong Kong has for knock-off bags, watches and clothes, whilst Bangkok has silks. And every place contains their own version of beautiful arts.

Health and safety issues when travelling to Asia

Some countries like Singapore are very prosperous and have high safety standards. However, destinations such as Afghanistan or East Timor are developing countries where struggling communities and civil unrest pose risks for travellers.

Extreme weather events occur frequently across Asia, including tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, flooding and tropical cyclones. These can hit without warning. Heatwaves, fires and severe snow storms are common. Always check the local weather forecast and for advice. Consider travel insurance that covers expenses from delays and cancellations.

Poor economic situations in a number of Asian countries can fuel petty crimes. Pickpocketing, thefts and scams can happen but shouldn’t be a problem if you use your common sense. You might find the biggest hassles you’ll encounter are the pushy vendors or enthusiastic beggars, all trying to provide for their families.

Water-borne and food-borne infections diseases are common across Asia. Stick to bottled water--avoid ice-cubes and raw meat or undercooked food. Be careful of home-made or unlabelled alcohol as it may be a harmful brew of household chemicals or narcotics. Tourists have been robbed after being drugged.

Heatwaves can be trouble especially for older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions. Drink lots of water and stay inside on hot days.

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Minimise your risks by taking our travel insurance.

While generally a safe destination, visitors to Asia are also advised to use common sense and caution while travelling to avoid the potential risks.

Being a smart traveller by getting vaccinated before you leave Australia and by taking precautions to minimise the risk of illness, accident or theft while overseas can help improve the chances of your trip to Asia being memorable for all the right reasons. However, some things are outside even the most cautious traveller's control; ensuring you have adequate travel insurance is an essential way to minimise the costs of an illness or misadventure in Asia.

Whether you have to change your travel plans for health reasons, have your new camera stolen or even suffer an injury that requires medical evacuation, Allianz Travel Insurance can help minimise the financial impact. Allianz offers Basic Travel Insurance, Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Multi Trip Travel Insurance for your trip overseas. Get a quote from Allianz today!

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