Changes to the NSW Emergency Services Levy

What is an Emergency Services Levy (ESL)?

The ESL charged by insurers and paid to the NSW State Government provides important funding to support the NSW Emergency Services agencies with resources needed to protect homes and save lives.

What’s changed?

On 30 May 2017, the NSW Government announced that it would not proceed with its policy of funding Fire and Emergency Services through a property levy collected by councils from property owners. The Government will instead revert to the previous approach whereby insurers fund these services by adding an ESL onto property insurance premiums.

This has been done after it became apparent that the proposed council system placed an unreasonable burden on small to medium businesses.

The Government has stated that it will work with local government, fire and emergency services, the insurance industry and other stakeholders to find a better and fairer path forward. The reform has been deferred until at least July 2019.

What does it mean for customers?

As a result of the Government’s decision, Allianz reinstated ESL rates from 1 August 2017. This means that you will continue to pay ESL in your property insurance premium.

The ESL paid on any property insurance premium will be used to fund the Emergency Services in NSW.

When will ESL be charged on insurance premiums?

Some policies issued before the 1 August 2017 were not charged ESL. However, if a customer makes a variation to their policy after 1 August 2017, ESL will be charged.

How is ESL calculated?

The ESL rate has been calculated at a rate sufficient to meet Allianz's contribution requirements and may be reviewed from time to time.

What other factors can affect an insurance premium?

Your current renewal premium will be affected by any changes made to your policy which could include:

For home and landlord insurance

For farm, commercial property, motor and strata insurance
In addition, factors which can also affect the calculation of your current renewal premium. These could include:

Where can I find further information?

If you have any questions about your policy, you can contact Allianz on 1300 514 821 or email us at

An independent statutory authority – The Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor (Monitor) – is overseeing the reintroduction of the ESL onto insurance premiums. Information about the ESL Insurance Monitor can be found at: