12 Ways To Pimp Your Ride

The phrase ‘pimp my ride’ became known from the popular MTV show by the same name, hosted by American rapper Xzibit. First airing over a decade ago, we saw many young Californians have their cars converted from broken down rust buckets to outrageous looking vehicles, according to their interests.

Pimping your ride doesn’t have to mean installing a games console in the boot and adding crazy bling to your paint job though. Many Australians prefer to customize their car in a more subtle way, that suits their own lifestyle, and in a lot of cases, not having to blow their entire savings doing it.

Most cars come with standard or sports features, but not all of the styling details are going to be to everyone’s taste. To give you some inspiration, we’ve collated a list of things you could do to add that personal touch to your car.

1. Custom car badges

One simple change to the exterior of your car could make a big difference. For example, your main car badge may not reflect the colour scheme of the rest of your car. You can order a new badge for your make or model (try eBay) or take it to your local auto shop who could re-spray your badge in your desired finish.

12 Ways You Can Pimp Your Ride. 2. Sports pedals

You may be able to fit sports pedals to your car. Fitting some black or silver carbon pedals could be just the thing that sets your car apart and gives you that racing edge feel.

3. Pimp your gear stick

Swap out your gear stick knob or the gear stick cover. Or you could do both – why not go all the way! Gear stick knobs come in a range of materials including leather, aluminium, wood and chrome. Or why not add some glamour and find yourself a diamante covered knob! Complete the look with a cover featuring a coloured stitch to match the paint or interior colour of your car.

4. Steering wheel cover

A new steering wheel cover is especially handy if yours is a bit worse for wear. But it’s also a great way to protect your steering wheel from harmful UV rays. There’s an array of styles available to purchase. You could even show your support for your beloved footy or rugby team from the AFL and NRL range.

5. Car seat covers

Another easy change that can make a big impact to your cars’ interior is changing your car seat covers. At the same time, you’ll also be protecting your original car seats from spills and general wear and tear. Purchasing ready-made car seat covers is the most budget friendly option, but you could also opt to have custom made covers, choosing luxurious leather and stitching to really pimp your overall look.

6. Bling rings

We’re not talking marriage proposals here though it sounds that way. Bling rings are a popular choice among lovers of sparkle. A bling ring is a decal sticker, handmade from rust free silver chrome metal and embedded with crystal rhinestones. You can put them around button / key ignitions or dashboard knobs. Easy to add, you simply peel and stick! It won’t damage your vehicle, so when it comes time to sell and your next customer may not be a fan of bling, you can simply remove them again.

7. Window tinting

Tinted windows are standard on any pimp mobile. There are rules as to how dark you can tint your windows in Australia, but tinted at the darkest legal level can make your ride cooler, in more ways than one!

8. Car mats

Another easy and relatively cheap way to add your unique style can be achieved by replacing your car mats. You could opt for rubber mats, silver look PVC mats or maybe some pink or floral embossed mats are your thing. Keep the original mats for when it comes to reselling - they’ll be as good as new and you can take your purchased mats with you to pimp up your next ride!

9. Just add sound

What could be more pimping then a booming bass box in your boot? But not everyone really wants that much sound or attention from passersby. Depending on the condition of your cars current sound system, you might want to upgrade it all, or you could just replace those standard looking speakers with some funky red, blue or orange coloured ones.

10. Seat belt cover

Similar to the benefits of adding a steering wheel cover or car mats, you can also match some seat belt covers to those accessories. They don’t have to be those big fluffy ones you see in taxi cabs either – there’s a large range available including car racing branded covers, and patterns to suit all tastes.

11. Tablet holder

If you ever watched Pimp Your Ride, you will be familiar with the amount of digital innovation that went into many of their transformed vehicles. You too can inject some technology into your ride in the form of your tablet. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built in sat nav, a tablet holder can be placed on the centre dashboard and you can use your maps app to help you navigate around. Alternatively, give the kids something to brag about, and install a head rest mount so they can be kept entertained in the back seat with movies and music on those long car journeys.

12. Custom number plate

Custom plates are a very popular way to show your personality to the world. They can also match with your cars exterior with a wide choice of colours and styles. You can check the availability and order personalised number plates through your states automotive government body. Styles include heritage, black and white, car brands, sports teams and a range of patterns.

So what are you waiting for? With the range of options to suit all budgets and styles, pimping your ride has never been easier!