Allianz underwrites new Petplan insurance to help families look after their 'fur-kids'

Allianz underwrites new Petplan insurance to help families look after their 'fur-kids'

27 June 2008, Auckland

It's clear from the growing number of pets that New Zealanders own that we're passionate about our furry friends.

On Monday 23 June, Petplan Australasia, underwritten by Allianz New Zealand, opened its office in New Zealand to offer affordable pet insurance to pet owners. Petplan is the world's largest animal health insurer and will revolutionise the way pet insurance is seen and sold in New Zealand. A Petplan policy covers the medical condition for life, rather than only for the period during which the condition occurred, as is usual with other pet insurers. Petplan also covers congenital and heredity conditions and does not impose breed specific exclusions.

Nicholas Scofield, General Manager Corporate Affairs at Allianz, commented, "research shows that both pet numbers and veterinary costs are increasing and pet insurance is something that our customers want. Vets are also using more sophisticated diagnostic tools and medical treatments which, while having a really positive impact on our pets' lives, can be very expensive".

Mr Scofield outlines that various health plans start from "as little as $7.80 per week and pet owners can cover a dog's vet fees for up to $18,000 in any one year. A cat's vet fees can be covered for up to $12,000 in any one year for as little as $4.37 per week. In both cases, this is probably cheaper than feeding your cat or dog for a week".

Doug Ford, MD of Petplan Australasia P/L, said "We've established Petplan Australasia as a solid business based on tested Petplan UK principals and procedures with certain adaptations to suit the local New Zealand market."

Pet owners can be assured that their 'fur kids' are in good hands when insured by PetPlan: Patsy Bloom, founder of Petplan, was recently made an honourary Associate of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK for her innovative work in providing pet insurance.

For more information, contact Petplan on 0800 255 426 or