What if you could rethink your career?

To discover a new way to do what you love doing, and help injured people at their most vulnerable. Whether it’s providing support to an injured person on their road to recovery, or assisting them with their return to work, as part of the Personal Injury team, you can choose to care a different way – one that’s not limited to the treatment room, hospital bed or caring home facility.

Choose different

Helping people is in your DNA – it’s why you felt a healthcare career was a natural fit in the first place. But, what if you weren’t feeling as challenged anymore or your workload has become repetitive or perhaps a clinical career just wasn’t what you were expecting? Then allow us to show you that there’s a world of different to experience, every day. From working across a wide portfolio of different claims; to providing input into projects designed to develop best practice solutions and innovative sustainable outcomes; to consulting with a variety of treatment providers to give injured people the support, help and guidance they need. Here, you play an integral, meaningful part in helping people through their recovery that goes well-beyond providing hands-on treatment. So if you’ve treated every broken bone, sprained muscle, slipped disc or pinched nerve known to humankind, then step towards something more dynamic, intriguing and complex, and let different become your new normal.

Choose balance

We believe that work fits in with your life. Not the other way around. So you can say goodbye to working horribly long-days starting at 6am and ending at 9pm, or shifts that leave you feeling drained and exhausted for days. There‘ll be no more working weekends or constantly being ’on‘. Your day will still feel busy – but it‘s a different kind of busy – one that doesn‘t leave you emotionally and physically exhausted, or forcing you to make sacrifices and missing out on things that matter to you. Is it time to say hello to a whole new way of working that means you can still help people, have an impact in their lives and enjoy life too?

Choose to go further

Instead of feeling like you’ve hit a ceiling, have nowhere to go, or worse, you simply don’t have the time to further your skills, by joining the Personal Injury team you’ll have the opportunity to explore many new and different career pathways. From understanding how the corporate world operates, gaining business and communication skills, to progressing to a team leader role and developing people management skills, you’ll constantly be supported to try new things within the division or across other areas.

Choose to be the change

Here, you’ll realise that helping people has less to do with what you physically do, and everything to do with how you listen, care, understand, empathise and encourage. By guiding, educating and assisting injured people through their claim you‘ll be giving them the support and care they need to return to health and life.


Hear from a few team members on why they decided to choose to care
a different way

Hear from Nadine,
disability carer background 

Hear from Bri,
aged care nursing background

Hear from Brad,
physio background

What will you choose?

If you’re ready to rethink your career, then watch this video presented by Kylie MacKenzie, who will talk you through some of the different roles
and directions you can take.

Feeling inspired?

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