Tim Maguire

Product Support Manager

"I’ve worked in five different roles since I joined in 2009."

Making the complex simple is something I really enjoy. Especially knowing that the simpler things are, the little bit easier it makes our customers’ lives. My passion for helping customers has been a common theme that has underlined my career at Allianz. From the kinds of projects I’ve worked on, to moving into different customer service based roles and even sharing insights with colleagues both here and with our global team.

As a Product Support Manager, what I enjoy most about my role is how varied it is. We’ve been looking at the details we provide in our Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) that communicates important policy details about what’s covered, what’s not and how to claim etc. to find ways to make documents more straightforward and easier to understand for our customers. It’s meant removing a lot of legal jargon, or using images instead of long paragraphs of text, while at the same time ensuring everything is fully compliant. Traditionally a PDS can be quite complex, potentially confusing item. By focusing on simplifying the information so that it’s easily understood provides a much better customer experience.

And in terms of my own experience, as an employee, for me, what’s great about Allianz is the ability to take on new opportunities and continually connect with new people. My colleagues are great to work with. Additionally, the opportunities throughout our network are widely shared and internal mobility is openly encouraged. I’ve worked in five different roles since I joined in 2009. Prior to Product Support, I worked in the contact centre, where I became a Team Leader, then moved across to the Sydney Distribution Centre, and then took a role in the outbound contact centre. If you’re setting out to try new things, the door is always open.

Actually, being part of a global project for two months is case and point! Back in 2017, I spent two months based in our headquarters in Munich, Germany. Through the project I was able to collaborate with other offices across France, Thailand and Romania. I learnt about their local operations and at the same time, was able to share insights about how we do things in Australia. It made me feel pretty proud to talk about our work and made me appreciate some of the innovative work we’re doing right here.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Product Support team. Together, we’ve been able to build on the foundations already in place and put in place a lot of measures to simplify our business. There is a focus organisation-wide to drive the business forward with the goal to continually improve our customers’ lives. Not only here in our Australian offices, but right around the world.