Rupal Mehta

Product Support Manager

"People feel safe to speak up and do things differently, take calculated risks and drive innovative challenges."

Insurance is a mix of science and art. On the one hand, we’re using data and insights to design the right products and policies for our customers, and actuarial analysis to estimate correct level of premiums. On the other hand, we strive to be creative and innovative in designing and developing systems, our website functions and marketing content to align with our customer’s needs.

As a Product Support Manager, part of my role is to ensure that our products and processes meet the market standards as well meet our legal and compliance obligations. Some of the changes we’ve put in place more recently, relate to ensuring our products are appropriate for the target customer groups. It can be challenging engaging with a large range of stakeholders across the business, taking them on the journey, actively listening to their feedback, and ensuring we are consistently putting customer’s interest first, is the key to success. It’s great knowing you’re helping customers to get good value when they choose us.

If you enjoy making decisions, and managing and influencing stakeholders in order to get the right outcomes for customers, Allianz is a very customer-centric place to grow your career. For instance, I was recently fortunate to be seconded to the Unfair Contract Terms project as a Technical Lead. It’s a large-scale project at Allianz, where the terms and conditions of our products are assessed for their fairness to customers. This initiative is aimed at gaining our customers’ confidence in our industry.

Having worked with Allianz for nearly ten years, I’ve seen a lot of changes. What I feel sets the company apart is how it trusts people and provides a flexible and enabling culture where its people feel safe to speak up and do things differently, take calculated risks and drive innovative challenges. We openly discuss strategies together making employees feel like they are a key part of the company’s purpose and vision.

In my position, it’s very satisfying to have the opportunity to make a difference for our customers. Be it in the form of specific product features, providing value for the customer or the customer journey in their interactions with Allianz. As an organisation, I believe we are applying a customer’s lens to everything we do better than ever before.