Mancie Rathod

Assistant Underwriter

“I want to leave a positive impact on our earth for future generations.”

At Allianz we take sustainability seriously. And that means taking real action. We’re reducing our carbon footprint, energy consumption and waste. We’re supporting the renewable energy industry and furthering ESG processes and policies. Together we’re working towards net Zero-Carbon Emission levels by 2050. This is something that makes me feel personally really proud; it’s why I got involved in the Climate Co-op.

Being part of the Climate Co-op gives me the opportunity to share ideas with a group of like-minded colleagues, passionate about our climate. We come together to discuss how we can influence our peers to make more environmentally-conscious changes to their lives, and often it’s just the little things. For instance, I started noticing two key waste materials (soft plastic and coffee cups) weren’t being diverted from landfill. By using our global strategy as a bit of a roadmap, I built a business case to look at ways of lowering the use of take-away cups by leveraging feedback from employee surveys and identifying local implementation gaps that we could address. I was so excited when I presented it to my manager and secured some funding for the project.

Next step was to create a communication campaign. Through messaging, signage, face-to-face talks and encouraging new practises such as KeepCup use we were able to educate and influence. The results were fantastic! We saw a huge drop in coffee cups from 250 down to 150 and 6 - 8 bags of soft plastic collected each week.

Contributing to this positive behavourial change was really fulfilling. In fact, the campaign naturally flowed into broader conversations about recycling, even leading to colleagues taking these conversations home with their families. Seeing this flow-on effect has ignited a desire in me to make a bigger impact operationally. Moving forward I’d love to be involved in championing operational policies around sustainability at a senior level.

Although this committee is something we have to create time for on top of our everyday roles, it’s inspiring to see what we come up with as a collective team. I love that we have such a diverse outlook which leads to some exciting dialogue about the environment and challenges me in my personal life to continue doing better.

As someone that grew up with an appreciation for natural beauty I want to leave a positive impact on our earth for future generations. I’m very grateful to be a part of the Climate Co-op; it brings me a sense of joy, purpose and belonging.