Lucy Parker

Product Transformation Specialist

"I’m not only impacting the future of Allianz operationally, I’m driving changes culturally."

In my role, I’m imagining a new future at Allianz to help make life a whole lot better. Not just for my fellow colleagues, but for our customers as well. As a Product Transformation Specialist and as part of Allianz’s Transformation Program (Transformation), I get the opportunity to help design how our processes, systems and products will evolve. Along the way, I’ve also become involved in our internal employee run group, the Network for Equality and Opportunity (NEO) which focuses on encouraging men and women to become advocates for gender diversity within Allianz and beyond. Being involved in Transformation, as well as NEO has meant I’m not only impacting the future of Allianz operationally, I’m driving changes culturally. To be part of both is hugely satisfying.

The opportunity to work on the Transformation came about when I was working as a Change Analyst. I knew a leader who recognised my broad background. She realised I would be a good asset to challenge the current ways we do things in the Claims field. It’s one of the things that’s great about Allianz, you’re surrounded and supported by all these fantastic leaders who recognise opportunities for you to grow. It can make it really hard to leave a team as you progress though!

Being part of Allianz’s future direction on a global scale is very exciting. When I was offered a role in Transformation, it was the kind of opportunity you can’t say no to. It’s a chance to critically look at how we operate from a customer’s point of view and reinvent. Moving on from how we are doing things today, to come up with the best way to do them tomorrow - that’s a once-in-a-career type of opportunity.

The program itself started in 2019. It’s an agile project, where we build and deploy in sprints. From systems to selling it touches everything we do with an ambitious view of where we want to be in the next ten years. My role is to act as the claims advocate for the design of new solutions. I put myself in our customers’ shoes and think, how would I feel about this? Together we’re exploring best practice customer solutions, product innovation and how our changes will impact Allianz enterprises globally.

Similarly, I’ve been very proud to be a part of working to create positive change in gender equality at Allianz via my contributions NEO. I’ve actively supported NEO’s growth path since its inception in 2017, and have been actively involved in events such as International Women’s Day and Lunch ‘N’ Learns. The network has continued to grow as a result of our initiatives and is now nation-wide. I enjoy putting my hand up to support NEO as diversity and inclusion is something I’m very passionate about personally.

At Allianz you can be instrumental in the changes you want to see realised. I really admire how we are equally supportive of each other here. It’s meant that as a young woman you’re treated seriously and are empowered to be the best you can be – both personally and professionally.