Chantelle Reedman

Contact Centre Support Co-ordinator

"Consume less, recycle more and encourage friends and family to do the same."

I guess you could say, I’m very much all about one thing: Promoting positive social change. That’s why I feel so proud being part of a company that is taking real action to create a sustainable workplace and also truly walks the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Over the past couple of years, I have been a representative for the Climate Co-op, and Allianz Neo (Networking for Equity and Opportunity – fostering gender equality). Although my motivation to get involved comes from wanting to make a commitment to help the world become a better place, I feel inspired about the good that can result from spending the time to help my colleagues to become more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Having the opportunity to transfer my passion to make a positive contribution to the planet in my day-to-day life is really special to me. I’ve found getting involved as a spokesperson for Co-op events and regularly contributing to ‘Green Wednesday’ – our weekly newsletter, great ways to advocate for social change. It also makes my job so meaningful too.

Last year we implemented a waste management system at our Adelaide Contact Centre. We were able to minimise the amount of single-use plastic we had by purchasing new bins and then reducing the number of bins per team. In a second phase, we split bins into landfill, mixed recycling and soft plastics, as well as organics. Bottles and cans were also separated out and funds received from the depot went towards our culture club. A win-win for everyone!

Given the impact the pandemic has had on 2020, we’ve also explored what people could do environmentally at home. This has meant getting creative through campaigns such as #makeyourown, which focuses on people consuming less, recycling more and encouraging friends and family to do the same while they worked remotely.

While some of the things we do may not seem like rocket science, getting more people to make conscious choices does have a big flow-on effect. I really appreciate the way so many people have gotten behind what Climate Co-op is doing, and the way Allianz listens, supports and enables us to make it happen. Together we can create positive outcomes. And for me personally, that’s what makes working at Allianz really cool.