For those
Who Dare
Chaice Evans

SME Portfolio Specialist

"I’ve been able to contribute to something that’s bigger than just myself."

I spent four years at Allianz across a range of roles in Darwin. While I really enjoyed it, I felt it was time to spread my wings and take on new opportunities. My manager was very supportive of a move and supported me relocating to Sydney. This has meant being able to further my career and also pursue my interest in being part of the Allianz Pride Network as an LGBTI ally.

Being an ally matters. It means you can be there for those that are new to certain situations, struggling with environments or with what’s going on within themselves. Our Pride network really goes a long way to ensure there’s visibility at work for taking pride in who you are and creating an organisation-wide approach to diversity and inclusion.

My involvement with Allianz Pride has meant I’ve been able to contribute to something that’s bigger than just myself. We’ve had some really fun events. One of the best was a Trivia Night with a Drag Queen which saw some of our more serious colleagues relax and let their hair down. It truly was a beautiful thing to watch.

I also volunteered to help with registrations at the Pride in Practice Conference which was a really valuable event. It brought together all sectors of our workforce to openly discuss and support our LGBTI colleagues. Some topics covered included how to deal with Trans people undertaking their gender transition in the workplace. Understanding the difference between an individual who was Trans vs Intersex was also covered. It was fantastic to have education replace ignorance on some of these important topics. By discussing these things in a safe, open and understanding environment you can see the fear being removed from certain situations with people. The event was amazing and I really loved being a part of it. We actually ran out of all our merchandise!

Coming from Darwin to Sydney, has meant being a part of some really rewarding personal opportunities in the Pride area, and at the same time professionally too. My move from the Northern Territory was seamless. I was offered a six month secondment in case I changed my mind; and then was offered a permanent role shortly after, which was fantastic. As all my family are in the Northern Territory, leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but Allianz made it much easier.

Now that I’m here, I’m really thriving in my role. It’s been just over a year since I made the move and I love it. The fast pace, the camaraderie of the team and how open and honest we are in sharing how we work and how we live – it’s become my dream job.