Bryan Geoghegan

Litigation Consultant

"Allianz has given me a strong sense of self-worth and purpose."

I love chasing down a problem and solving it. It’s that healthy competitive spirit I have; a desire to uncover the truth and win. Most days I’m a detective; putting together the puzzle pieces from the scene of an accident so I can see the real picture and make a case to understand who was at fault. For me that’s really exciting!

As a Litigation Consultant, apart from investigating accidents, I also love achieving goals and using my knowledge and skills to help my colleagues with their claims. At every point, my passion for problem-solving and perhaps even my infectious smile is what sets me apart.

And this is what Allianz has seen in me. I’ve been fortunate to progress internally through various roles – I’ve had three different roles in four years. Secondment opportunities have allowed me to take on new challenges while growing my career. It has also helped me in my everyday life. Along the way, my managers have always encouraged me to learn and grow in the direction that I wanted to go, whilst keeping me grounded and providing the support I needed. They have been there for me when I’ve needed someone to talk to, someone to laugh with, and someone to firmly get me back on track too.

Beyond career opportunities, Allianz has also given me a stronger sense of self-worth and purpose. I’ve never felt as appreciated as I do here. Positive feedback from all levels has also helped me to be more curious and voice my opinions more openly. I feel my work is actually celebrated by the business.

Knowing that your employer not only supports you but also accepts you for who you are is very important to me. I’m a member of the LGBTI community, and I was very proud to join the Allianz Pride network, loving getting involved as much as I can. I believe it’s important to be a part of the change that Allianz is striving to develop within the business, and the greater community. It’s critical that we represent the whole of our community; to be accepting and not exclude anyone. Allianz Pride has given me a sense of community and family. I’ve been able to attend sessions where guest speakers have provided information, life stories and more, which relate to the LGBTI community and myself. It has given me the chance to have a voice, the chance to be seen, and most importantly, to be accepted for who I am.

I recall one work day when our intranet was splashed with all the rainbow colours alongside messages of acceptance for Mardi Gras. I really felt I was in the right place, with the right employer. It made me feel so happy and I had an overwhelming sense of acceptance and belonging. It allows us to be the best we can be without fear or the feeling of needing to hide who we are. Having an employer who accepts this is really important. It’s just another reason I’m proud to work here.

Allianz has really helped me find my way, narrow down my career pathway and better myself – that means the world to me.