Ash Chin

Go-To-Market Manager

"It's a nice feeling knowing you work for a company that truly works with you."

I love to travel, experience cultures and try new things. By topping up my standard leave allowance through salary sacrificing, I’ve been able to travel an extra two to four weeks per year! Having this sort of flexibility and a manager that’s very supportive of my love of travel, has been fantastic. Together we’ve been able to coordinate a schedule that means I can have the time off, while ensuring that I’m still able to get my work done and delivered.

So when work is on. It’s on. And when the travel is on, it means I’m able to flit off overseas for my annual trip to Italy and somewhere in Europe, as well as my goal of exploring somewhere new every year. My partner travels a fair bit for work at fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, and Allianz’s flexibility also means I’ve been able to join him all over the world and take in the fashion, the people and the atmosphere. Paris is easily my favourite city in the world! Travel is such a good way to really broaden your perspective.

Allianz understands and appreciates that my life is the priority and supports me to strike the right balance. Having time for things away from work, definitely brings out the best in me at work and at home. It makes me more focused on what I need to achieve when I’m here.

I think it’s important for organisations to support the concept, and thankfully it’s becoming more and more expected. We all lead busy lives, and the pressures at work (and away from it) can be immense. Whether you’re working from home, helping with school runs or providing care to those closest to you, taking time when you need it provides an outlet.

Some might say flexibility is a one-way street but it does work two ways. I think it also helps to make people feel genuinely valued. It’s a nice feeling knowing you work for a company that truly works with you. As for my next adventure – Tanzania here I come!