Anthony Lee

Product Support Manager

"I feel completely trusted to go about my role and complete my duties and tasks."

I’m a relatively new comer to the commercial side of insurance. Yet, already I’m gaining an understanding as to how insurance can make a real difference in the moments that matter in people’s lives. Where I can make the biggest impact is through working alongside the many stakeholders of Allianz as we explore improving our many different processes; particularly how we can make things faster and simpler for our business, our people and our customers. Once problems are resolved you can actually see the impact on the portfolio, results and customer benefit.

I’m in an area of our business called ‘Technical’ which broadly sits within our actuarial division. I’m actively involved in supporting products across Small to Medium enterprises (Team SME). From pricing and portfolio management, through to what happens with our distribution and underwriting teams. We look at things like improvement in terms of the pricing framework, but I also assist my manager in strengthening our underwriting capabilities as well. In a nutshell, we look at things like long-term possible growth for our portfolio, which can include developing strategies, implementing system changes, underwriting controls and automation.

What really surprised me about Allianz when I first joined was the amount of support and flexibility you receive here. It’s not questioned in any way, it just happens. Personally I like that you are empowered here to get on with your work, but you can also take the time to achieve what you need to do in order to progress your career. If you need more time over lunch, or half a day out to run errands, you can do that by making-up the hours later. For me that means I can exercise at 6am, prepare my meals, log onto work early, and get some lunch time walks in and enjoy the fresh air when weather permits. It also allows me to pick up my nephew and niece from school every so often. As long as you’re responsible, act in the company’s best interests and complete your tasks, you can go for gold!

As I came from a customer-facing role previously, I enjoy working with people and being able to manage various stakeholders at multiple levels. At Allianz, your opportunity to have an impact stems from high level decision makers, improving established processes as well as defining your own career. Allianz has provided me with the tools and support to meet my personal goals through assisting to fund further study related to my role. You can also take on secondments to further develop your skills.

If I had to single-out what makes Allianz different, I’d have to say the trust we share within our teams. It’s not always easy to achieve that, but I feel completely trusted to go about my role and complete my duties and tasks. In turn, I also know I have a manager that trusts me to always act with integrity in following through on everything I commit to getting done.