Sophia Liu

Pricing Lead

"As one combined Pricing team, everyone has the visibility of the entire end-to-end process."

As an actuary at Allianz, a real standout for me is having all the pricing functions in one team, which means everyone has the visibility of the entire end-to-end process. This has a huge impact on how we work. As one combined team, we’re able to more effectively drive change and truly lead in this space. It also provides great development opportunities across the team too.

Giving junior team members experience to grow, develop and learn is widely adopted across the entire division. It ranges from our mentoring program through to more advanced technical training designed by our global team in Munich. Through our Actuarial Clubs we also run different initiatives and activities to upskill, collaborate and learn new things too. For instance, I’m personally coordinating an internal machine learning competition to improve our people’s ability and understanding of AI techniques. Teams are encouraged to cross-collaborate and work on a pricing problem using machine learning skills.

I also enjoy being a mentor as I feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction in being able to support individuals develop, and being able to provide some guidance on how to reach their goals. Beyond mentorship, at Allianz I see so many opportunities to broaden one’s skillset. For example, there’s the opportunity to work on different projects, to be seconded into other divisions, or even to move overseas. We regularly rotate people across projects so they’re able to develop new skills and work with different groups. This helps to provide valuable exposure across a variety of areas within the division.

Overall, this sense of nurturing, caring and collaboration is shared across the entire team and helps to create a fun, active, energetic and social culture.