For those
Who Dare
Scott Moss

Manager, Claims

"I’ve always been passionate about driving forward and making things better."

I deal with the impact of trauma every day. For people who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident the toll can be catastrophic, both physically and mentally. Personally I’ve experienced trauma as well, having found my stepfather after he had taken his life. Thankfully, through early mental health intervention and support I was able to manage my own wellbeing; to move past the nightmares and the anger, and feel more comfortable to talk about my experience to move forward. So ever since, I’ve strongly advocated early intervention not just within my team, but I’m very passionate about ensuring that our claimants have access to this treatment also.

Each day I’m blown away by the passion that my team display in making a difference to the lives of those that have been injured in an accident. It’s so rewarding and exciting to hear of the outcomes we achieve daily in assisting individuals to return to pre-accident health and independence.

Working with my team to identify innovative pathways to increase the outcomes for our claimants as well as the business is what I love to do. Be it through technology, or delivering a more personalised approach to individual client needs. We take a unique long-term view and get to know our claimants very well. We’ve gotten to know their remarkable lives and this creates an incredible bond with our team who’ve been here a long time. It gives me a great sense of pride knowing we treat people not just as a number and actually see how we’re impacting their lives and families.

I’ve always been passionate about driving forward and making improvements along the way. Experiencing new cultures, places and challenges has been my way to learn and grow. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities that have been afforded to me. Through my time in South Australia I was lucky enough to build my toolkit through unique roles within the business. This was strengthened even further through secondments to Sydney which prepared me for the role I have now based in Darwin; a place where no two days are the same and have their own complexities and diversity. Coming to Darwin was a very smooth transition. HR took care of everything – I only had to engage the removalist and Allianz took care of the rest. And as for my next move? Perhaps Sydney, or I’d love to live in Munich where our Global Headquarters are based!

I often feel humbled by the opportunities that I’ve had, particularly within a progressive business such as Allianz that allows me to be the best version of myself, in a safe environment where diversity and inclusion is celebrated. But I know this has not always been the case for generations that have gone by and I’m thankful to the trailblazers!

I feel it’s my responsibility to continue this pathway for future generations to come. That’s why being a part of the Allianz Pride network is important to me; to help create an inclusive environment regardless of someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Not to mention there are some pretty fun events we produce to increase awareness and inclusiveness and I can contribute to increasing the network’s profile within the NT.

A standout moment for me was seeing an Allianz Pride message on our intranet when same-sex marriage legislation was approved in parliament. I thought that was a remarkable moment. When thinking back to 2013, when I joined Allianz, it is pleasing to see the progress that has been made through Allianz Pride.

It’s empowering how we support diversity and all backgrounds of people. We truly care about our people and that means the world to me.