Kong Chan

Pricing Lead

"I feel empowered to try different ideas and my manager is willing to offer the resources to do so."

When it comes to a pricing approach, I’m all about keeping things simple and transparent, and leveraging the latest technology to build in sophistication. Which is an uncanny coincidence, because this is one of the main reasons why I joined Allianz. Having a shared pricing philosophy definitely makes for a great career start!

In a very short period of time, I feel as though I’ve learnt a lot more than I was expecting to. That’s partly due to having Pricing together all in one team; which creates greater flexibility to interact across teams. However, I would say it’s mostly due to having a manager who trusts me and has given me the space to experiment and test things out myself. Having the freedom to work-out stakeholder management and my own leadership style has helped me to find my feet quickly.

Soon after starting in the team, I realised that Allianz offers a platform for everyone to bring forth their ideas. Being a Pricing Lead offers me many opportunities to voice my ideas and then put them into action. I feel empowered to try different ideas and my manager is willing to offer the resources to do so. I feel I have a closer connection to our customers and can assist them by driving changes. Many of the challenges I face day-to-day revolve around supporting my stakeholders to provide insights on their respective portfolios, and drive pricing initiatives which directly impact our customers.

I’ve also found it interesting being able to gain exposure to different pricing standards globally. Through Group (our Headquarters in Germany), we can benchmark what we do in Australia with other countries. It’s pretty cool to see how we measure up, be able to do a deep dive into some of the gaps, and leverage best practices from other regions.

While I joined Allianz during COVID-19, and haven’t been able to physically meet the team face-to-face, I’ve really enjoyed the vibrant, close-knit, relaxed and social nature of the team. We’re all pretty similar in age yet, we have a diverse mix of people. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help each other. During work, we’re focused on delivering the best outcomes for our customers. Then after-hours, we never forget to have fun and love nothing more than to take each other on in some friendly online board game competitions!