Jeremy Luk

Pricing Lead

"When it comes to solving problems, as an actuary, there’s no better place than the insurance industry."

I tend to think of myself as a problem solver. Someone who simplifies business problems and helps others understand data so they can have the confidence to make the right decision. And when it comes to solving problems, as an actuary, there’s no better place than the insurance industry! It’s really exciting being able to advise the business on decisions that have a direct impact on our customers and day-to-day have the opportunity to engage with a variety of stakeholders across the business.

At Allianz I’ve been able to gain a good grounding in actuarial work and also understand how the entire company works. That’s mainly been due to internal moves and having really supportive managers who work with you from day one to give you a variety of work across different projects so you can get the right exposure you need. That way, you can pass exams and then literally spread your wings!

When I was working in the Finance Reserving team, I was given a great overview of how the business worked and was able to gain an understanding of the different components at a high level. I was also fortunate to work directly with the Appointed Actuary and get a birds-eye view on how the world looks through the lens of regulatory reporting and submissions. As a junior analyst, I had the opportunity to interact directly with senior business stakeholders to help draft Financial Condition Reports and Actuarial Valuation Reports and this exposure really had an impact on my personal development.

When it comes to career path, it’s largely up to you to decide which way to go. After four years in Finance, I moved into the Technical division. Given my personal hobbies involving cars and motorsports, I was pretty pleased to find a role in the Motor Pricing team. Just another way Allianz really helps you to get the most out of your career!

On a professional level, I’m very inspired by Dan Pink’s three pillars of motivation: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Due to the collaborative leadership of the managers I’ve worked with, I’ve felt like I’ve been able to invest in all three areas during my career at Allianz. I’ve been given the room and space to understand things, provide a solution and then go back to discuss reasons why; I’ve been challenged to think about different ways of solving the same problems because what’s good for today, may not be true for tomorrow; and finally, I get a lot of satisfaction in helping to best meet the needs of our customers and offering them a price for a product that is both fair and technically sound.

Given our focus on delivering for the customer, as a team, we’re always looking for new and better ways to work. There’s definitely no room for complacency. We have clear understanding of what we want to achieve, when we want to achieve it, and will support each other to get the job done!