Alex Zhao

Pricing Lead

"There’s a real team spirit around ‘doing better’ and daring ourselves to rethink how we operate."

Although we operate in a corporate environment, I’ve always felt that I’ve had a lot of autonomy. Whether it be in the way I want to approach a problem, or having the freedom to express my opinions and thoughts without fear of judgement. It’s great being in a work environment where nobody ‘pulls rank.’ It means I can be more creative and speak my mind freely. This has been incredibly beneficial given my work in building a new pricing system and framework which is a key part of Allianz’s focus on transformation and simplification.

There’s a real team spirit around ‘doing better’ and daring ourselves to rethink how we operate. There’s a mutual understanding that there’s no one way of doing things. We constantly ask ourselves ‘why do we do the things we do’? As a team, we really rally around this concept and it’s exciting standing back and seeing what diverse ideas everyone brings to the table.

Being collaborative and open minded is key to how we work. You could also describe us as caring too. If someone finishes up on a project ahead of time, they don’t sit around and just chill out; instead we divvy up pieces of work and everyone lends a helping hand. So we definitely look out for one another.

Our similar mindset and common drive to working towards the same goal brings out the best in us as a team. We all value that the work we do in Pricing has a considerable impact across the company. That means we place a lot of importance on collaborating when making decisions and taking all views into account. As a team, we’re inspired about building for the future and excited about the positive change we can create together.