Our Graduates
Find out what they care for

Graduate Natalie
Challenging misconceptions

2018 Graduate, General Insurance

Natalie admits to initially thinking life in an insurance company would be all about dry, boring process.

She was surprised to discover how diverse and complex it really is, especially with a large, global organisation like Allianz.

“This complexity became really interesting to me. Although I graduated with a PR and Advertising Degree, I wanted to start my career with an organisation that wouldn’t pigeon-hole me, but provide the opportunities to access different professional pathways during my working career.

“While I’ve only been here a short while, I already can see the possibilities. As a graduate you get involved in projects involving people from across the business and so are exposed to the different professions and different stories and experiences these people bring. If you work hard here your capabilities get noticed and you can move anywhere.”

“Knowing my aspirations, my first manager placed me on a project improving systems and processes in our division. It’s been a great way to get to know the business and build my insurance knowledge.”

Graduate Phillip
Exploring the unknown

2018 Graduate, Information Technology

From his university studies through to internship experiences, Philip recognised that data analytics and modelling will be important tools for businesses to be successful in the future. With his degree in IT and Statistics, he wanted to join a large, recognised global organisation that would recognise the importance of these tools, and provide him with real opportunities to gain experience in these, on a large scale.

“What I discovered is that Allianz is an organisation with a serious focus on innovation and transformation, in an industry sector also going through rapid change.”

“I’m currently in a role focused on exploring new technologies for data access and reporting, to deliver this transformation. I’m learning fast as I hypothesise, talk to people, test, prove and move on. I already have a lot of autonomy around where I focus and what I do, and I have open access to the knowledge, experience and support of really experienced people.”

“I think one of the most important skills I’m learning is how to identify who I need to speak to, and how to approach people to get what I need to help them. The welcoming and positive way everybody responds has made my exploration into the unknown an incredibly satisfying experience.”

Graduate Sagar
Simplifying complexity

2018 Graduate, General Insurance

Graduating with a degree in Actuarial and Commerce, Sagar wanted to work with an organisation that recognises the power of predictive data analysis and modelling to make complex business decisions simpler. But he also wanted to work where people are important, developing the whole person is a focus, and people treat each other as people, not just colleagues.

“That’s really what drew me to Allianz. My interview was more like a conversation that focused on me and what was important to me personally and professionally. And that conversation actually led to an opportunity for contract work even before the graduate program started.”

“Now that the program has commenced, I’m back to simplifying the complex. I’m responsible for preparing and delivering some particularly technical data to non-technical audiences. I’ve been told what they need but given autonomy to choose how it’s done and presented.”

“It’s already providing me great experience, interacting with and getting productive feedback from my stakeholders and exploring new ways to make the technical meaningful. I’m already using my skills to help inform some important business decisions.”

Graduate Sonal
Resisting the trend

2018 Graduate, Underwriting

Since high school, Sonal has been fascinated by economics: the way entire economies and the people within those economies depend on the practices and principles of economics. Armed with a Finance and Economics degree, her focus was on finding an organisation that would enable her to productively apply her skills to achieve worthwhile outcomes, but also provide her with balance to lead a full life.

Joining the Allianz graduate program, she found this combination. “We work hard and get the job done, but in a relaxed atmosphere. I have flexibility to balance my hard work with time off to have a life and recharge my batteries, so I have the focus I need to do great work.”

“With the limited graduate intake at Allianz, I also have more time with my experienced colleagues, and my sponsor is a General Manager with incredibly helpful perspectives and guidance around professional practice and my career opportunities.”

“In the meantime, I’m trusted to do real work, and learn faster by doing. A good example is the report I’ve been trusted to research and produce, which shows how our division is performing in the market. It’s an important report for making a whole range of business decisions each month.”

“Just a few months into my graduate role, I feel respected and I am an equal member of the team.”