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Hear from our graduates first hand on their experience as an Allianz Graduate. You will also learn about how they balance their career and life outside of Allianz.

Rebecca's Story

Originally from Malaysia, Rebecca first migrated to Melbourne to complete her studies with stints in Singapore and London before she moved to Sydney to join the Allianz Graduate Program – and she’s not done exploring cities just yet!

Making the most of her unfamiliarity with Sydney, Rebecca can be found discovering a new beach every month (even in winter) or a hidden bar to perfect a tourist route around Sydney’s gems, for her visiting friends and family. She also maximised her Volunteering Leave to work with toddlers as part of the Young Parents Program last year at the Australian Red Cross.

“What I love about Allianz is the work/life balance and the commitment to my development. Having just graduated from university a year ago, I am still discovering what it is I’m passionate about and so far, I’m certain I love teaching and interacting with different people! The flexibility Allianz offers allows me to still keep up part-time tutoring outside of work and complete an external mentoring program.”

“The opportunities and autonomy presented to me have also been invaluable and while the learning curve is steeper than usual, the support from throughout the company has been tremendous.”

Steven's Story

With a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Steven has not wasted a minute waiting around for opportunities – he has already worked at two start-ups, an NGO and founded his own business! With a strong knowledge in behavioural economics, Steven’s passion drives him to strive towards making systematic change for the better.

Not one to sit around on weekends, if he’s not riding his motor bike you may find Steven playing soccer with friends. Taking a global perspective, Steven has volunteered for an NGO in India, where he helped empower youth leaders around the world from Pakistan to Iran.

The Allianz Graduate program has been extremely rewarding for Steven. “From day one you are given responsibility and autonomy. You mould the role to what you want it to be and the people around you are incredibly supportive. Having Sponsors and Mentors has helped me learn from their achievements and mistakes, as well as being a door to a wealth of networking opportunities. “

“Allianz is a place you can be yourself and leverage the endless learning opportunities of a large global organisation.”

Jess's Story

Raised in Sydney, Jess has always felt a strong connection to country life. During high school and uni holidays, Jess worked as a farm hand on a dairy farm, which ignited her passion for agriculture, and led to her studying Agricultural Business Management.

With a love of trying new things and exploring the world, Jess has volunteered in an orphanage in Thailand, taught English in a local Thai school and travelled to 14 countries. These unique experiences have given Jess a broader view of the world and how agriculture impacts on people’s lives.

Joining the Allianz Graduate program in 2017, Jess loves that she has the perfect mix of building a corporate career, while still being immersed in the agricultural community.

“I’ve already developed my skills tenfold from when I began at Allianz. The support of my managers and mentors is incredible. I get to work on such an array of tasks and get exposure to senior executives on a daily basis. The work I get exposure to is really interesting.”

Jamie's Story

Jamie joined the Allianz Graduate Program with the benefit of experiencing the inner workings of a global organisation initially as an intern. With a background in political, economic and social sciences, he initially questioned whether insurance was the right fit. Not anymore:

"I was originally a bit sceptical about getting into insurance, but when I stripped the essence of insurance to its fundamental basics - comprehending and quantifying risk, and helping people understand that risk - I realised it was an exciting and fascinating industry to be in, and Allianz would be a great company to work for. Whether it be understanding the risks associated with climate change, cyber-security, automated vehicles, regulatory or government issues, or the rise of new technologies such as block chain or AI - there was always something to be captivated by in the world of insurance".

With an enquiring mind and a natural curiosity, Jamie also enjoys mentoring and volunteering opportunities through Allianz. One day it can be volunteering at Vivid Sydney, enjoying a prime position of Sydney at its best, and the next it can be a serious commitment to mentor refugees transitioning to work in Australia. His team-mates who were competing in Allianz World Run have also recently encouraged him to take up running, leading to him completing his first half-marathon only 3 months later!

In his first year as a Graduate, Jamie has worked on projects across divisions with fellow graduates and utilised his analytical skills to identify business opportunities with real market potential. He credited the tight-knit nature of the Graduate Program as fostering a real sense of rapport with his fellow graduates, but also those in upper management positions.

“The Allianz Graduate Program has given me the opportunity to meet many senior people within Allianz. From the Chairman to the Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and General Managers, there’s been great support to succeed.”