Employee Benefits - Lifestyle

Flexible working arrangements

We understand that juggling work and personal lives can be a challenge, so if you need flexibility with your work hours, you may be able to make an arrangement that suits you, Allianz and our customers. If you're approaching retirement, or have recently retired, we'd encourage you to consider flexible working hours so you can extend your career with Allianz.

Purchasing additional leave

You can use salary averaging to take up to 4 weeks additional unpaid leave.

Deals and discounts

Allianz employees have access to great discounts via our business partners including health insurance, fitness, technology and electronics, automotive, travel and accommodation.

Allianz Employee Experience

"Working 4 days per week means I have been able to extend my working life. On my day off, I am part of a bushwalking club, and so not only do I get to participate in other activities I enjoy, but I have the opportunity to do something to prolong my health. Barbara, Technical and Operations, VIC.

I took advantage of purchasing additional leave and was able to go on a 8-week holiday overseas and spend time with family and friends."

Christine, Workers' Compensation, NSW.