Health and wellbeing
Let’s care for life’s twists and turns

Let’s care for life’s twists and turns We’re here for you. Whatever matters to you, matters to us. Whether that’s feeling safe, balanced, trusted or simply happy, we’re supporting you to live your best life. To enjoy more of the good stuff, like being healthy, positive and productive. To count on benefits that can strengthen all of you; physically, mentally, socially and financially. We also get that life can take new or unexpected directions. With plenty of leave options you can make the most of special moments, important events, career breaks or take the time to give back. Let’s thrive together and experience more of what really matters.

For a healthy mind and body

Fitness benefits

For a healthy mind and body

  • Free 24/7 confidential independent counselling for you and your family through our Employee Assistance Program
  • Mindfulness and yoga resources
  • Discounts for health insurance, medical and dental services and fitness gyms
  • Fun and engaging health and wellbeing activities including access to the Allianz Well Together app (collect points to plant trees and connect with colleagues across the world)

For making every dollar count

  • Significant discounts on Allianz insurance products
  • Discounts for travel, accommodation, entertainment, electronics, and appliances
  • Personalised one-on-one independent financial advisor consultations
  • Discounted rates on financial advice, home loan reviews, personal loan packages and financial health checks provided by our banking partners
  • Packaged novated leases on motor vehicles, from your pre-tax pay
  • Packaged parking and airline lounge memberships, from your pre-tax pay
  • Up to $532 per year in matched additional superannuation contributions
  • $500 gross bonus each time you successfully refer great talent to Allianz

For flexibility when it matters most

  • Flexible working arrangements to help you balance work and life
  • Up to 4 weeks additional leave through salary averaging
  • After successful completion of your probation period, 12 weeks paid parental leave when you are a primary carer, with an additional 2 weeks paid parental leave or 2 weeks base salary contributed towards superannuation (if you choose). If you are the secondary carer, you are entitled to 4 weeks paid leave (or 8 weeks at half pay). Where possible, how and when you take parental leave is determined on an individual basis
  • Access to carer’s, compassionate, grandparental and emergency leave and other support if you need it, including career breaks
  • Ability to substitute a non-national public holiday in order to observe another recognised religious holiday
Community Support

For making a positive impact

  • 1 day of paid leave per year to volunteer your time to your chosen charity
  • Ease of donating to our partner charities directly from your pre-tax pay
  • Support for refugees and migrants including, scholarships to highly deserving individuals to further their education or qualifications and many other new initiatives
People laughing and celebrating with a pride flag

For celebrating all things that make you, you

  • Through our Appreciate program we recognise the contribution our employees make individually or as a team, in living our People Attributes on a daily basis
  • Join the Network for Equity and Opportunity (NEO) – employees advocating for gender diversity within and beyond Allianz
  • Become a member of Allianz Pride – employees committed to furthering the awareness of LGBTI+ issues in the workplace
Dot painting

For respect, inclusion and prosperity

We choose to create a deliberately inclusive workplace that is representative of the customers that we serve and the lands on which we operate. We value and leverage the unique capabilities of our people and see this depth and breadth of experience as fundamental to our business. Our vision for reconciliation is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be respected, included in all facets of society and through the removal of systemic barriers, be empowered to build prosperity and security for themselves, their families and communities. We aim to do this through:

  • Building connections, sharing experiences and developing authentic relationships
  • Celebrating, appreciating and respecting the rich history, culture, heritage and achievements
  • Supporting fair and equitable access to social, economic and employment opportunities