Your Career Development

Management Development Program

The structure of the Management Development Program is shown in the diagram below.

Senior Management Executive Management Development Program This program broadens your exposure to technical areas of the business and offers opportunities to work on projects teams with other senior people across divisions.
Middle Management Management –Alive! Learn practical techniques you can apply to a range of situations across the following modules:
  • Influence
  • Communicate
  • Lead and Motivate
  • Manage Workflow
  • Present
  • Facilitate and Coach,
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Entry Level Management Management Essentials Focus on essential management knowledge and skills for team leaders at Allianz

Corporate Professional Development Program

The Corporate Professional Development Program is focused on developing interpersonal and business skills. There are a number of courses available within the four streams - induction, leadership (for example, coaching, change management), interpersonal (for example, negotiation, presentation skills) and human resources (recruitment and selection, managing performance).

Study Assistance

Allianz encourages and supports employees who elect to undertake further formal studies. If you are undertaking job-related qualifications such as Bachelor Degrees, Post Graduate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in certain fields of study you may be eligible for partial subsidisation. Business critical qualifications such as Actuarial Studies, the Allianz Corporate Graduate Program and CA / CPA courses are fully subsidised (conditions apply).