Have you got what it takes?

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are the ones who they rely on, turn to and need when unexpected things happen in their lives: from car accidents to bushfires, hailstorms and floods.

That’s why we want to be 100% open and honest with you – being a Customer Service Specialist is a tough role and it’s not for everyone.

Watch this video to find out if you’ve got what it takes.

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So let’s make sure, you’re sure

  • Are you able to sit-down on the job? This is a sit-down job with structured breaks – so you need to be comfortable with staying at your desk.
  • Have you been called resilient, someone who’s cool under pressure? It’s really important that you understand that it can be challenging at times, and you will need to really dig deep when you’re dealing with difficult customers.
  • Are you comfortable with technology and open to learning new systems? Although we provide extensive training on our computer-based platform, being PC literate is a must-have.
  • Are you a high performer who can meet KPIs and won’t sweat being monitored? This is about working together as a team to set goals, and being supported to achieve them. As an insurer we must adhere to strict regulations so all calls and correspondence is monitored.
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Set-up to succeed

At every step of the way – you’ll be supported by your team leader and colleagues who have all walked in your shoes, know exactly what you’re going through and want nothing more than see you succeed. If customer service is second nature to you and putting customers first is in your DNA, then we can help you to kick start a career that comes with security, development and growth.
Here’s some of the ways how:

A culture of belonging

Enjoy the freedom to be yourself as part of team that will encourage you to share your ideas, provide feedback and take action.

Be more, do more

Work with supportive team leaders who will give you the advice, direction and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Room to grow

We’ll help you develop a strong foundation of professional skills that will enable you to explore different opportunities across the organisation.

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Respected. Valued. Appreciated. Supported.
Is this how you would like to feel?

We genuinely care about our employees. And as a new starter, we don’t want you to feel anxious or worried about losing your job. We know there’s a lot to learn and we want you to do well. We provide a 4-week classroom-based training (that will be delivered either virtually or face-to-face depending on COVID-19 restrictions). Following which, you’ll then be supported as you transition to our academy for 3 – 4 months before you join your team group. Our KPIs are achievable, bonus is fair and we are 100% transparent. You’ll feel valued and recognised for who you are and for doing a great job.

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A real job with a real career

Joining Allianz is a chance to do a real job that’s permanent fulltime work with loads of breathing space to learn new skills, develop and progress. As a Customer Service Specialist you can play to your customer service strengths, but in a completely different type of role. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then we’d love to hear from you.

Go to our Current Opportunities listing > Search and Apply > Enter the words 'Customer Service Specialist' into the Keywords box.

Not quite sure? No problems

To help you understand more about what to expect as a Customer Service Consultant, please check out our helpful FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your roster 4 weeks in advance. Breaks will be notified 1 week in advance.
8 hours.
Yes it is possible to swap your shift with a colleague.
During an 8 hour shift you are entitled to 2 x 15 minute breaks and 1 x 30 minute break.
Yes. Your breaks are scheduled to ensure that you are covered by another team member.
When you are not attending a customer call, you are encouraged to review emails, access LinkedIn Learning or work through any course work you need to do.
When you first join Allianz, you’ll be part of a 4-week classroom-based training. Depending on COVID-19 restrictions this will be either virtual or in the office. Following which, you will then move to our academy team for 3 – 4 months before you join your team group.
Yes. Due to the nature of the insurance industry, we are required to adhere to strict regulations. All calls and correspondence is monitored.
Our payroll is fortnightly.