Let’s care for tomorrow.
Your ambitions. Your dreams. Your challenges.

Let’s care for all the things that make you, you. For bringing your whole, amazing self to work and feeling like you belong. For a place where learning never stops. To develop new skills and open up exciting possibilities. And where your curiosity can help transform an industry. We’re here for what matters. When life twists and turns, there’s flexibility for balance, so you can thrive. So come share your ideas, be inspired, give back and feel proud to be part of an organisation doing good work that matters across the board like climate change, mental health and safety. Let’s care for everyone’s tomorrow so we can help create a better future together. Care to join us?

At Allianz, we truly care for our employees, their needs and aspirations. Together, we build an environment where everyone has the confidence to explore and to grow – just like Adrian and Kylie. In their videos you’ll hear about why they joined and how it feels to be part of Allianz.

Our Community Partners

Allianz Outreach is a powerful yet simple way for our employees to make a real difference in our community by donating directly to charities who help those in need. The charities we support are aligned with our Social Impact strategy pillars Flourishing People, Healthy Planet and Inclusive Society.

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