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Insurance for your Ford

Are you a Ford owner or considering purchasing a Ford as your next car? Protect your car with comprehensive car insurance from Allianz that covers you against theft or damage to your car, or damage to third party property. Contact Allianz online today for a quote that will suit your Ford.

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Ford sold more than 91,000 cars in 2011

Last year, Ford held a 9% share of the Australian car market, selling 91,243 carsi. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), in terms of sales, Ford was the third most popular car manufacturer in Australia in 2011, behind Toyota and Holdeni. Surprisingly, not one individual Ford model made it into the top five list of most car models soldi: the highest selling Ford model is the Ford Falcon which came in ninth placei.

Australian car market share (Source: FCAI VFACTS 2006-2011)

In 2011, the Ford Territory topped sales for cars in the FCAIii Medium SUV category. Last year, Ford held a quarter (25.6%) share for the Large Car market segment, so 1 in 4 Large Cars purchased was a Ford Falconii. Also doing well in terms of sales was the Ford Mondeo which came in second in the FCAI-defined Medium Car categoryii.

Fords are some of the safest cars on the roads

In 2011, Ford car models performed extremely well in safety tests run by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, ANCAP. The program rates cars' safety standards by running vigorous tests on car models and ranking their safety on a star guided scale - 5 stars being the safestiii. During 2011, ANCAP ran trials on 9 Ford models. Of those 9, all but one achieved a 5-star safety ratingiv.

FORD Model Variant Safety Rating (out of 5)
Falcon FG MKII XT sedan 5
Falcon FG MKII Styleside box ute 5
Falcon FG ute styleside box 5
Falcon FG XT sedan 5
Focus LHD 5-door hatch 5
Focus Sedan 5
Kuga Trend LHD 5
Ranger All 5
Ranger 4x2 single cab cab-chassis 4

If you're the happy owner of a Ford, or you are thinking about buying one as your next car, it's important that you take out insurance so you can protect your investment. Talk to Allianz today about car insurance for your Ford.

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