7 ideas for spring bridal floral arrangements

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7 ideas for spring bridal floral arrangements

This spring, many brides will want their wedding decor to be soft and sweet, following the increasing popularity of pastel hues and muted colours across the fashion world. Ever since the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, in which Westminster Abbey was transformed by trees lining the aisle, ornamental floral designs and décor inspired by nature have captivated the imaginations of brides all over the world.

The petal pattern can be kept unaltered by a ribbon that blocks off the centre aisle.

1. Petals galore

Scattered down the aisle, petals are a traditional and familiar way to add a floral touch to a garden ceremony. To add an original twist on a familiar custom, why not arrange them in a swirl design? The arrangement, which can feature different coloured petals that adhere to the colour scheme, can be kept pristine by keeping guests from walking down the aisle on the way to their seats; an usher or ribbon that blocks off the aisle will do the trick! If the bride is concerned that her wedding dress might disturb the pattern during the procession, why not have the petals line the aisles, creating the look of a runwayi.

2. Floral embrace

Perfect for spring, tulle and silk sashes can be replaced with floral garlands at the ceremony or reception. Flower chains hugging the backs of chairs and lining the tablecloths will add a whimsical feel to the special day, intoxicating guests with the aroma of fresh flowersii. Other delicate details like leaves or a single flower tied to the centre of a sash are simple alternatives to the floral garland.

3. Mini-meadows

Bring the countryside to the table with wheatgrass centrepieces adorned with butterfly decorations and flowers to suit your theme. To make the meadows into a cute country garden, add a mini white picket fence around the wheatgrass - the result will be simply adorable!iii.

4. Luminous lanterns

For an outdoor dusk wedding or reception, enhance the ethereal feel of the night by hanging rustic lanterns or electric candles in birdcages from trees and watch the night come alive! To add another spring touch to the scene, decorate the birdcages with fresh or silk flowersiv.

5. Sweet-scented souvenirs

Inspire guests with thoughtful table decorations and gifts. Each place setting can be marked with a jar filled with a single flower, tiny rosebuds, or dried lavender with the place name pegged to the side. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add a sentimental touch to the tablev. It also provides an option for guests to leave with a budding keepsake of the day, such as a flowerpot or succulent plantvi, which they can plant at home.

6. Fruity and fresh

Get creative by adding a fruity twist to your floral centrepieces. The vibrant yellows and oranges of citrus fruit or the mellow green of apples will make centrepieces pop with fresh scents and a joyful colour palette. Incorporate the fruit theme into drinks and desserts, like freshly squeezed apple juice or sorbet served in hollowed out lemonsvii.

Incorporate the fruit theme into drinks and desserts, like freshly squeezed apple juice or sorbet served in hollowed out lemons.

7. Keeping it simple

This season, it's all about keeping it simpleviii. Wedding dress fashion is tending towards calmer shades such as nudes, blushes, champagne and peach, while bridesmaid dresses are incorporating mellow pastels. It's easy to complement this theme with floral arrangements featuring pastel coloured flowers such as peonies, roses, and tulips.

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