How Allianz can help you safeguard your most precious belongings

While insurance can cover the physical items that can be repaired or replaced in and around the home, it is just as important to safeguard the other items around the home, particularly those which are high in sentimental value.

According to Allianz research, 95 per cent of Australians consider belongings filled with sentimental value irreplaceable, however, only 42 per cent have a plan in place to safeguard their most treasured items in the event of an accident or emergency.

Allianz understands the items that have high sentimental value and little financial value are often the ones that need protection. You can prepare for incidents, accidents or natural disasters in and around the home in a number of ways to safeguard the home and the items most dear to you.

Digitise important documents and photographs

Regularly and proactively make copies and take photographs of important documents and items that are precious and/or carry financial value. Store these items in a cloud-based service or on a hard drive and share it with a family member or friend. Important document storage ensures you have a record of all the items in and around the home that should be on your insurance policy should you need to make a claim.

Subscribe to Allianz Memory Safe

To help safeguard Australians’ most precious, irreplaceable memories, Allianz has partnered with to offer the first 5,000 new and existing Allianz customers1 a free Premium Lifetime Subscription to, a platform which allows you to create an online catalogue where you can document your most-sentimental belongings. This could be anything of sentimental value in order to safeguard them in the event of damage or loss, as well as be a safe place to store a record of your home’s contents for insurance purposes.

It is important to keep a record of all the items in and around the home that you would like to safeguard, regardless of whether they are covered by your policy or not. Having a record of all the items that are on your policy will also support you if you need to make a claim by having a visual representation of the item that has been lost, damaged or stolen. To read more about how you can use this service, head to

Place important items in a home-safe that is both fire and flood proof

Beyond storing important documents and items on a cloud-based service, items that are sentimental or are important to you can be stored in a secure home-safe. This is also the best way to store documents at home rather than having a folder to keep important documents. In the event of an incident or disaster, you can have peace of mind that your most important items will remain safe.

Update and regularly check your insurance policy

Much can change in a short time, so Allianz encourages its customers to call its customer service team for a Policy Health Check. This is a simple five-step check-in over the phone where Allianz will help customers review their details, excess, cover and payment frequency, making changes where it can, to help support you. Reviewing and updating your policy annually also can help ensure that your insurance is suited to your individual needs. You should also check your policy and what is and isn’t covered via the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Have an evacuation plan

It is important for everyone to be ready to respond in the event of an incident or disaster. To prepare for these incidents, have an evacuation plan in place, an emergency kit and a communications plan to notify family, friends and, when required, emergency services.

Prepare an emergency bag

Rather than storing your items in different areas around the home, have the most important and valued items in an emergency bag when not in your fire and flood proof safe. In the event of an emergency, disaster or incident, you’ll be ready to respond and evacuate with your most important items on-hand.

Reduce risk around the home

Beyond your most valuable items it is important to safeguard the home too. Taking precautionary steps by cleaning gutters, cutting back overgrown trees and regularly mowing the grass can help to safeguard the home from unpredictable weather.

How Allianz is supporting you

Assistance throughout your claim

If the unfortunate happens, insurance offers you the benefit of having expert support such as the Allianz customer service team or insurance claim team on hand to support you through your claim.

Support beyond insurance

The mental health impacts of distressing events, like the 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires, can be significant. To further support those experiencing mental health trauma from the bushfires, Allianz offers a free Customer Counselling Program2 for its customers, and their immediate family, who have been impacted by the catastrophe.

Run in partnership with independent counselling service Assure Programs, the program offers access to three free, independent counselling sessions, available over the phone or in person at over 400 locations throughout Australia, with a professional psychologist. To find out more click here.

At Allianz, we’ve been helping Australians get back on their feet for over 100 years. You should always check that your insurance policy has the right level of cover for you. For full details about what is and isn’t covered, check your PDS, Policy Schedule or Certificate of Insurance, or get in touch with customer service on 13 1000.

1 5,000 Premium Lifetime Subscriptions are available for the first 5,000 new and existing Allianz customers who sign up via before 31 December 2021, whichever occurs first. This offer is made on a first come, first served basis.
2Access to this program has been extended until 19 October 2021.