Claims process

Step 1 – Advising Allianz of the claim

Please phone us on 1300 362 108 to advise that you wish to make a claim on your policy. When you call, we will need the following details:

  • Your Policy Number(s)
  • Full name of all Policy Owner(s)
  • Full name of the Life Insured
  • Details of the Claimant if not the Life Insured or Policy Owner (e.g. Estate Executors)
  • The type of claim (for example: Critical Illness)
  • The name and address you wish us to use for correspondence
  • The specific cause of claim (e.g. car accident) or nature of illness
  • Any details you can provide us about the condition leading to the claim (for example, the date of diagnosis), including the history of the condition.

Step 2 – Completing the Claim Form

Once you have notified Allianz of your claim, our Claims Consultants will send you the relevant claim form to complete and return. To make it easier to assess claims and for you to complete the required information, the forms vary according to the type of claim you make and the cause of the claim. In some instances there will be sections for you and your treating medical practitioner to complete. The form will also set out any additional information that we will require in the first instances to assess your claim.

Once our Claims Consultant has reviewed the forms, they may request additional information in order to determine whether it meets the terms and conditions of your policy - for example, they may request a treating specialist’s report or request an independent medical examination.

Step 3 – Assessing the Claim

The first thing our Claims Consultant will check is that the policy was current at the time of the event leading to the claim. There are minimum requirements for each type of claim.

Death Claims

Terminal Illness Claims

Permanently Unable to Work Claims

Critical Illness Claims

Assessment Considerations

The requirements for each claim will depend on the circumstances leading to the claim. We will only ask for additional information where it is necessary and will consider the impact on you before requesting any additional medicals or other assessments. However, there will be times where such information is required in order to assess your claim and whether or not it meets the terms and conditions of the policy.

How long will it take to assess the claim?

It is important to understand that the assessment process and the length of time it takes varies according to the circumstances of the claim, the type of claim and how quickly we receive all the requested information. Our claims team will keep you updated with the progress of the claim and will assess each piece of information promptly as it’s received. You can assist by returning claim forms as quickly as possible and by encouraging your medical advisers to do so as well.

Step 4 – Advising you of the outcome

Once Allianz has assessed your claim, we will advise you if it is accepted. If your claim is accepted payment will be made promptly.

In the event of your claim not being accepted, we will advise you of the reasons and confirm this to you in writing.
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